Ok…no scale

I only weighed in yesterday *coughjenn* because I wanted to see if I had indeed lost more than just the 2 lbs. because of my crappy monthly… LOL But I AM back on the scale boycott… :) I will NOT, I repeat, NOT weigh in again until Monday :) I am seriously SO on a roll and keeping my points low and exercising and feeling completely wonderful :)

My brothers wedding is next weekend…we leave for Jersey on October 7 :) We are all just SO excited to head there. Hopefully this trip will be a little more uneventful, at least until we arrive, then it can be as full of fun events as it wants :) Just no accidents this time :)

Gotta get moving again…have a great day!!!!

Blinkies and update

I just sent out e-mails to Elizabeth, Jennifer and Amber for the ‘lbs. lost’ blinkies that you all requested…if anyone else has asked me recently for them, and I didn’t send them to you, please comment here and let me know…I will get them out to you ASAP… :)

I’m doing amazing. I am down another 2 lbs. already just from Monday. I have been under points pretty much everyday, but I am staying over 20. I’m probably averaging 25 points per day, my target is 28, so that’s not too bad. It’s working, anyways…

I have been getting in so much intentional exercise, it feels awesome. I can feel the difference in my arms…like they feel firmer…I can feel the muscle…but they still friggin LOOK the same. Oh well, in time :)

So in a nutshell, this week is going wonderful :) Hopefully it keeps up…. :)

Week one, down

Well, this marks the end of Challenge Week :) Of course, my period couldn’t come at a worse time, so that made my loss a solid 2 lbs. this week. I know I have lost more than that, but being bloated, and that whole deal, I’ll take it :) Also, I can see a difference in my face in just this last week and also in my clothes. In my stomach especially. Everything is really droopy in my stomach…even my fresh-out-of-the-dryer jeans. They are fitting fine in the waist, but looser where my stomach is in them. Kinda feels cool :)

So, I’m not down about the weigh-in…I thought I would be if it wasn’t a huge loss, but hey…gotta start somewhere :) And, after I start, it’ll be an even lower number just like always

Ya’ll are not gonna belive the activity points I earned this past week. I think I journaled here that I got 11 AP’s in the one day when my eating was bad. That was 5-1/2 miles of INTENTIONAL exercise that day! I’m kicking ass on Lippy now. 30 minutes is nothing now :) Seems like it took FOREVER to get to 30 minutes where my body could handle it, but I’m doing it :) I was thinking about it, when I first got Lippy, I remember the night we brought her home, put her together and I jumped on. I kid you not I probably went about 10 steps on her and was so winded. It feels awesome that I can pump out 30 and still wanna go more sometimes!!!

Well, this past weekend, Saturday especially, I earned SO many AP’s. We put the trusses up on the garage we are building. There was 6 of us total, with 3 of us (myself included) lifting these trusses up over our heads to get them up for the roof. I will put pictures here later on so you can see what I’m talking about, in case you don’t know what trusses are. This garage is monsterous, and they are the entire width of the garage and weigh a ton. We put up 25 of them suckers. That day alone I earned 21 AP’s….ONE DAY…21 of em…and that was figuring very conservatively…I figured that at ‘light’ on my points booster…and I KNOW it was not ‘light’ work but I hate to over figure my AP’s…so I figured the entire day (more than 8 hours) at ‘light’…so basically everything I had eaten that day was completely burned off.

I only had the one bad day last week, which was awesome :) I’m still waiting to hear how Karen did on her weigh in, but I’ll post soon as I know :) :)

I will get the ‘lb. blinkies’ out to those who were asking for them, later on tonight :)


Had a bad day…

Sorry for no challenge update last night. Was a BAAAAD day. Got emotional, ate, got over it, back on track again now…thank you SOOO very much to Karen for getting me sanely through it :)

I did, however, manage to get myself 11, yes, ELEVEN activity points yesterday that more than covered my little food explosion. So that feels great, even though my butt doesn’t agree with that today…she’s feeling a little used today :) I did a 2 mile walk at work yesterday for 4 AP’s, 2 mile bike ride last night for 1 AP, and 1.55 miles (34 minutes) on Lippy last night for 6 AP’s.

Today so far has been off to a wonderful start. Only 4 pts. so far, for breakfast, and I’m at 40 oz. of water so far for the morning. We are putting up trusses on the biggin’ garage I told you all we were building for my parents. That will commence tomorrow morning. Gonna be A-LOT of AP’s happening this weekend for sure. I’m hoping that yesterday’s eating disaster and my upcoming period doesn’t put a damper on Monday’s weigh in, but I’m SURE I have lost, as I FEEL it already…so no matter what it is, I have to continue on!!!

On another note, I am in the process of removing ALL of my blinkies from my site. People are still direct linking to them and it’s taking up a HUGE amount of space, and I have run out of room on my space. So, if you want any of them, please leave me a comment here whenever you want one, and whatever one you want (the Lbs. lost ones or whatever) and I will get back to you as soon as I can with the ones you requested. Sorry to have to do this, but the direct linking has gotten a bit out of control.

Right now, if you have my e-mail address and have written and I haven’t replied, I am having some problems with my server right now, and none of my mail is coming through and I can’t make any changes on my site. I should be back to normal later on today :)

Oh, and don’t forget, everyone head to Miss Elizabeth’s site and wish her a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Monday!!! Before she leaves for Hawaii to live the good life!!! :) :) Her birthday is the same as Clint’s, too cool :) :) So I will be at your site as well Elizabeth, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you lady ;)

Challenge day #3

Can I just start off by saying, I kicked @$$ today?!?!?! It was Megan’s 3rd birthday, so that meant dinner, cake & ice cream. And you won’t BELIEVE how well I managed it all :) :) I went to work today, got home and got the house cleaned before everyone got here at 6:00 p.m. I got the cake frosted (baked it last night) and decorated, present wrapped and everyone showed up. I made shredded BBQ beef (not too bad on points and soooo yummy!!!) for sandwiches (I got 1 pt. hamburger buns) and chips is what was for dinner. I measured out my 1/4 cup of BBQ beef which equaled about 2 oz of meat (with the BBQ sauce on it, which is made with just ketchup and diet cola, no points for the BBQ sauce at all) and had that on my 1 pt. bun and had a serving of Baked Lays. We opened presents and sang happy birthday and in came the cake and ice cream. I got it all served up, didn’t even think, more just habit and I served enough for everyone, including myself. I told myself ‘oh well, one day won’t matter..I have enough points to cover it’…and dang if I didn’t sit down with that (small, but still) piece of cake with a scoop of REGULAR ice cream even. DUDE. Where was my head?!?!?! I swear, I took 2 small bites of cake and 2 small bites of ice cream, and I gave my plate to Abbie. I couldn’t have done more than 1 point in the amount I ate, but I literally did NOT want it anymore!!! That was the BEST feeling EVER!!! I so didn’t eat it!!! I had a taste and obviously was satisfied with what I had tried and consciously, yes CONSCIOUSLY, chose to NOT eat the sucker!!! GO ME GO ME GO ME…ok, so that was cheesy, but you can SO understand my excitement, right???

So I’m below points again today, but still above 20…Here’s my day ~

Goal Points ~ 28
Points used today ~23

Breakfast ~
1 Cup Special K Red Berries *2 pts.*
1 Cup Fat Free Milk *2 pts.*
2 lite toast *1 pt.*

Morning Snack ~
1 small Gala apple *1 pt.*

Lunch ~
Michelina’s Lean Gourmet Turkey & Veggies *2 pts.*
1/2 of Megan’s Peanut butter & jellly sandwich that she didn’t finish, I know I know *2 pts.*

Afternoon snack ~
1 Special K Vanilla Crisp cereal bar *2 pts.*
1 serving (11 chips) Baked Lays *2 pts.*

Dinner ~
1 Lite hamburger bun *1 pt.*
1/4 Cup (2 oz.) BBQ Shredded Beef *3 pts.* (I think I figured a bit high on this one)
1 serving (11 chips) Baked Lays *2 pts.*

Evening Snack ~
2 bites of birthday cake & 2 bites of ice cream *3 pts.* (again, figured high on this also, but want to make sure I cover the points)

Water goal ~ 100 oz.
Today’s water intake ~ 114 oz.

Activity Points Goal ~ 3
Today’s AP’s ~ 4

20 minutes on Lippy (1.003 miles, 233.4 calories burned)

Just an update also on the scale boycott. There are now 4 other people that have joined me in shoving the scale in a cold dark place where no one can hear it’s screams. Too cool!!!

Today’s doings on the challenge

Only 5 more days till weigh-in!!! I’m WE’RE kicking butt !!!! Cannot wait!!!

Something else that Karen has done for me is, she’s gotten me to focus on the GOOD in me. I told her how I seriously don’t like much about myself (physically, cept for the legs ya know :) ) and one thing we are doing for each other when we give our rundown for the day is to tell each other one thing that we really like about ourselves (on the inside)…it’s really a great change for me. I’m such a positive person when it comes to anything else, just not myself and she’s really gotten that going for me and I love it :)

And to Miss Elizabeth ( Weight Loss Mommy )…SHE PUT HER SCALE AWAY!!!! (((HUGS))) to you my dear…you’re a wonderful person and you have done so well on your journey!!!!

I should start an official ’scale boycott’. They don’t deserve our attention ladies (and gents) !!! They are for accountability, once a week MAX, only.

Here is my rundown for today :) I’m under points again, and don’t use my Activity points, but I AM over 20 again, so I’m good :)

Goal points ~ 28
Points used today ~ 25

Breakfast ~
2 eggs, over easy *4 pts.*
2 low-fat sausage links *2 pts.*
2 lite toast *1 pt.*

Morning snack ~
2 cups cantaloupe *2 pts.*

Lunch ~
Romaine lettuce salad w/tomato *0 pts.*
1 grilled chicken breast *2 pts.*
2 TBSP Fat Free ranch dressing *1 pt.*

Afternoon snacks ~
1 serving Baked Lays *2 pts.*
2 sugar free, low fat, fudgecicles *1 pt.*

Dinner ~
1-1/2 Grilled pork chops *6 pts.*
1 C. green beans with 1 TBSP FF italin dressing on them *0 pts.*

Evening snack ~ (I don’t usually eat after dinner, but my points were still a little low, so I needed to)
1 Special K, Vanilla Crisp cereal bar *2 pts.*
1 serv. Baked Lays *2 pts.*

Goal Water intake ~ 100 oz.
Todays water intake ~ 130 oz. :)

Goal Activity points ~ 3
Today’s AP’s ~ 5

30 minutes on Lippy (393.5 calories burned, 1.5 miles total)

I have to say THANK YOU to whoever it was (sorry, I so don’t remember) who mentioned that my tension was set too high on Lippy. I was able to do 30 minutes non-stop today. That is a personal record for me. The longest non-stop stretch I ever did on her was 27 minutes (tied yesterday). It’s even a calorie burning record. I always try and shoot for 300 calories each time I get on her, and today was *this close* to 400 calories!! It felt AMAZING. There is NO WAY possible that I will not have a great loss this coming Monday :) :) :)

I am a little nervous about Friday night. Our neighbors want us to go to a local winery for pizza and wine. I told Clint, the only way I will go is if I drink water all night (no alcohol what-so-ever), and usually when our neighbors go, they order this awesome seafood pizza…it’s a white pizza with only seafood and cheese for toppings, so one piece can’t be THAT bad…so that is my plan already; water all night and ONE, I repeat ONE piece of the seafood pizza. I will spare myself some points for that evening so no matter what the points price, I will not be caught short :)

LOVE this feeling of control I am having with myself. I DESPISE the out of control feelings and eating and everything that comes along with not staying on plan, and not exercising. I’m on such a natural high right now, how could I have EVER let this go???

Something kinda cool

I will be back later on to fill in my daily rundown, but for now I wanted to post this link for anyone interested. I am working at home today and don’t get to see much daytime TV, so you can imagine my shock when I turned on ‘The View’ and saw how much weight Star Jones has lost!! She looks AMAZING!!! I went to her site to see what she has done to accomplish her weight loss, and she’s very vague about it. But I think it’s cool because she doesn’t want everyone buying into the ‘hype’ of all these diet fads. She spoke with her doctor, got a plan together, eats right for HER body, works out several times a week and she has done such a great job!!

She mentioned on her site that she does Pilates several times a week, so I went to the website that she posted (Power Pilates) and I found a link there where you can download a 15 minutes beginners class to your computer. So I just got it. Haven’t tried it yet, but it really looks cool, so if you are interested, go to the link I posted and on their site there is a link on the left for ‘Free Mat Class Download’…you have to register if you aren’t already, but you do NOT need to enter ANY credit card information, just be sure to check the box for ‘Billing address the same as shipping address’ and it will take you to the page where you can download the class. Right click on whatever link you decide to download from (there are 3 choices of screen size for whatever capability your computer/internet can handle) and save it to your computer. Simple as that :) Enjoy!!

I’ll be back later to fill in my day of eating, water and exercise :) :)

Today’s rundown on the challenge progress

Shocked to see yet another post from me today??? Had another great day! Couple of food choices that weren’t the best, but I”m still right at my points and feeling good :)

Goal points ~ 28
Total Used ~ 28

Breakfast ~
2 eggs, over easy *4 pts.*
2 pcs. lite bread *1 pt.*

Lunch ~
Michelina’s Lean Gourmet - Turkey & vegetable (frozen meal) *2 pts.*
1 cup-a-soup - Asian Beef Noodle *2 pts.*

Dinner ~
Michelina’s Lean Gourmet - Meatloaf w/broccoli & cauliflower (frozen meal) *4 pts.*

Snacks ~
1 Bag 94% FF Microwave Popcorn *4 pts.*
4 starburst candies *2 pts.*
4 mini donuts (I know, I know, not good at ALL) *6 pts.*
1/2″ square fudge *1 pt* - This one, my sugar was low from not eating for about 5 hours, and by the time I got home I needed something badly, so I cut a teeny piece of this to get my sugar up fast…
4 oz. FF milk *1 pt.*
1/2 serving *about 4 of them) Quaker mini rice cakes *1 pt.*

Water ~
Goal is 100 oz.
Today I got in 156 oz!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been in the potty SOOOO much today…LOL

Activity ~
Goal is 3 AP’s per day
Today I earned 4 AP’s
Elliptical machine (Lippy) ~ 27 minutes, 1.26 miles, and burned 302.7 calories
I also did alot of walking/shopping tonight at our WalMart, but I didn’t figure any points up for that…just an added bonus :) :)

What I want to change for tomorrow ~ I am going to get my butt outta bed in the morning and get a session in on Lippy, walk at work if it’s not raining, and another session on Lippy tomorrow night, and I need to remove the couple of bad choice snacks that I chose today. I got some groceries tonight, so I’m stocked up somewhat on more of ‘my’ foods again :) I was still at my points limit today though, didn’t go over and got in plenty of activity, so I’m not sweating this at all :) :)

It worked…it ACTUALLY worked

I did it…I hid the scale…True, I do know where it’s at, but it’s not staring me in the face everytime I walk into my bathroom, begging me to get on it. Outta site, outta mind.

I decided last night after e-mailing Karen and posting here, that I was putting it away. It’s in my bathroom closet. I went in last night to potty and was *this close* to jumping on (yes, I have my weigh-ins down to a science…I know how long it has to be AFTER I eat that I can weigh myself at night, and I take 2 lbs. off of my nightly weight and that is what weight I will be first thing in the morning after going potty…how PATHETIC am I??? At least now, you truly know the obsession I have with my scale and WHY it needed to be banished). But I didn’t get on. I picked up the scale, headed to the closet, all the while it was clawing and pleading with me not to do it…but I resisted. I tucked it in and shut the door. Never thought about it again until this morning.

I got up this morning, went into the bathroom, did my thing, then, as routine as it always is, I went to kick the button on the scale that turns it on, and low and behold, my foot didn’t touch a thing. At first it was a HUGE shock to my system…then after the heart palpitations slowed, I smiled at myself :) DANG good thing I put it away last night, because I NEVER would have been able to pass on the temptation to step my butt up on it.

So, today is day #1 of not weighing in. It truly does feel really good to know I have one week of being in suspense as to how the scale will read next week. I remember that excitement mixed with the unknowing dread that would come upon me as I headed to my Weight Watchers meeting. Maybe this is just the thing I needed to get things shaken up a bit and motivate me even more. I won’t have a small gain to discourage me, and this ‘light’ feeling I have already today will be the motivator to make me keep doing my best so that I can see the best result possible by Monday morning.

So, people, c’mon…make YOUR scales cry, plead, and beg you and shove em in the closet. Too many of those I’m reading lately are struggling with the numbers…let’s end this obsession!!!

What a great day :)

So, here’s the plan. Karen (who I’m sure you have all seen leave wonderful comments on my site often, and she’s such a great supporter for me) and I have made a pact. For one week, starting tomorrow, Monday, September 20, we have each laid out our plan for the week and are going to get each other through one solid week of no cheating and getting back on track.

My plan is as follows ~

28 pts. per day
100 oz. water
Earn at least 3 Activity points per day

That’s it…simple right? You would think so. I’m NOT stepping on the scale (I swear, pinky swear, cross my heart, with sugar on top) until NEXT Monday. I mean not ONE teeny peek during the week. I am actually pumped about the suspense of it all. Knowing that I’m doing really well each day will surely get me through the next day. I miss the suspense leading up to weigh in day. That may be a bit fun :) So, for the next week, I hope you don’t mind, but to keep me a bit more accountable, when I e-mail Karen my daily doings, I will copy/paste it here also so that what I’m eating/drinking/doing can be seen and maybe there will be something you all can see also that needs to be improved or that I’m doing well at.

So, here’s todays daily doings for me…I am 8 pts. under but that is NOT a common thing, and I DID make sure I was at the 20 pt. mark. That IS allowed once in awhile :) :) Anyways, here it is ~

Breakfast ~
2 over-easy eggs *4 pts.*
2 lite toast *1 pt.*
Lunch ~
Chicken and veggie pita (from craft fair I went to) - (lg. pita bread, grilled chicken, onions, tomatoes, lettuce & mushrooms) *6 pts.*
Dinner ~
Large romaine lettuce salad with grilled chicken, tomato, 1/4 C. Kraft Free shredded cheddar cheese, FF italian dressing *5 pts.*
Snacks ~
2 bites of peach pie *2 pts.*
1/2 chocolate covered pretzel rod *2 pts.*

Water ~
Goal per day 100 oz.
Today ~ 92 oz. (not too bad)

Activity Points ~
Goal per day ~ 3
Today~ 3 hour walk around craft fair *9 pts. earned*
20 minute/3 mile bike ride *2 pts. earned*

Another thing I told Karen, I’m going to be up 20 minutes early each day this week and do 15 minutes on Lippy…on that note, BEDTIME!!!