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What is 'Runner's High' and how long does it last?

The Mythical Beast Known As 'Runner's High'

Remember that time when your buddy Billy, the most fitness-obsessed of your crew, swooped back from his usual 10-mile run and couldn't stop rambling about an ecstatic state he reached, where pain was a distant memory and every step felt like he was floating on a cloud? Well, my friends, that is a real thing, albeit wrapped up in a sweet little name - 'Runner's High'. No, it's not some mythical beast, nor is it the latest in designer clothing. It's a state of mind, a psychological and physiological phenomenon many runners experience, characterized by feelings of euphoria, reduced stress and less perceived pain.

Now, as someone who has run his fair share of marathons (let's not get into specifics here), I can tell you there is a science to 'Runner's High.' It's not like that sudden urge for a midnight snack, nor that sudden burst of inspiration to clean your garage, it's a condition fuelled by an increased production of endorphins in your brain during long-duration, sustained exercises like running. Endorphins, our body's natural feel-good drugs, are primarily associated with feelings of pleasure and pain relief, and these little guys are pretty much to blame, or congratulate, for the so-called 'Runner's High.'

Unraveling The 'Runner's High'

Delving further into the secret corners of this fascinating feeling, we find ourselves flat-footed at the foot of a colossal wall of science. Studies suggest that when you engage in extended periods of strenuous aerobic exercise, your body responds by increasing the production of several neurotransmitters, including endocannabinoids (our internal marijuana, if you will), dopamine (that happy feeling you get when crunching into a fresh apple), and serotonin (that warm, fuzzy sensation coursing through you when hugging someone close). These neurotransmitters tag along during your run, primarily hooking onto receptors in your brain that help dull pain, elevate mood, and in some cases, generate a sense of euphoria.

Another fascinating nugget of knowledge about 'Runner's High' is its uncanny resemblance to meditation. Much like the tranquility of a monk amid serene slopes, the sense of calm and focus during 'Runner's High' has been compared to the peace experienced in a meditative state, leading the tranquil mind onto strange, ethereal plains within the body. So the next time you think you'd rather wrap yourself in a cozy blanket and have a meditation session than jog in the park, remember, running might give you a similar peace!

How Far And Long Should We Run To Catch This Exciting High?

Here's where the trick lies, my friends. Much like the illusive elves of the fairytales we told our children Freya and Tate, the 'Runner's High' doesn't appear at our beck and call. We can't just strap on some runners, swing our arms around a bit, and hope for the best. It's not a coin-operated machine, but more of a mystery box; it mostly arrives during sustained, high-intensity workouts that last at least 30 minutes or, for some, even 2 hours! It's an endurance game, a waiting game. But when it arrives, it’s all worth it!

Just like that glorious morning last summer when I decided to push my boundaries by running a long trail in the Boston park and the high kicked in. No discomfort, no fatigue, just a serene sense of achievement, peace, and a euphoria that made every step feel akin to a dance. It was like my body transcended to another dimension where pain was a myth, fatigue a legend, and time went for a leisurely walk. Oh, what a day that was!

Mambas, Marathons and The Vague Lines Of 'Runner's High'

Alas, not everything is sunshine and rainbows when it comes to 'Runner's High'. As with anything in life, it comes with a caveat. Remember that even too much of a good thing isn't necessarily good. It's lot like binging on chocolate mambas - tasty, indulging, but you don't want to be having a mambo with the mambas too often. There's a reason it's called a 'high'. Your body is pumping out chemicals to keep you going, nipping the pain in the bud and providing temporary relief. It does not mean that there's no damage or stress caused to your body; it's just temporarily masked to keep you going.

You remember all those marathon runners who regale tales of crossing over the finishing line virtually unscathed? Well, the truth is far from that. Muscle damage, tenderness, inflammation - it's all there, waiting to pounce once the high recedes. So my advice here is to not push yourself to the very limits in pursuit of that 'Runner's High,' mind your body and understand what it's trying to say. Moderate, sensible exercise will serve you better in the long run, pun intended.

'Runner's High' – Not Just For The Swift Anymore

Before we wrap this up, did you know that 'Runner's High' is not exclusive to runners alone? Oh yes, you heard that right! Anyone who indulges in long, arduous workouts and certain forms of energetic dance (hello, Zumba enthusiasts) can experience this euphoric state. It's not just the gift of the swift, but a prize to all who sweat it out and push their limits. Let's just put it this way - workout hard enough, and the body rewards you handsomely!

From cycling, swimming to bouldering, all you need is the right intensity and duration to strike that magical note of 'Runner's High.' So don’t shy away at the sight of your stationary bike or the smell of your climbing ropes. Remember, they might just be your tickets to a therapeutic ride into the extensive bliss of this euphoric state!

Chasing The 'Runner's High' - An Enlightened Journey

To sum up, 'Runner's High' is not a myth; it's a real, intoxicating feeling, a reward for your resilience in the face of physical trial. Whether you're a runner, a cyclist, a swimmer, or that ecstatic Zumba-lover, this elevated state of ecstasy has a place for you.

From its scientific roots to the uncertain boundaries of its onset, the journey towards 'Runner's High' is as exciting as the state itself. It's a mix of discovery, endurance and don't-forget-your-own-wellbeing while you chase this alluring phenomenon. So lace up those shoes and hit the track, or maybe dive into the pool, or just swing around that Zumba class, and who knows, you might just stumble into this exhilarating state of bliss and vitality!

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