Less Lisa's
Valentine's Challenge

Here is my newest challenge :) !!

The Heart graphics below will show how much I have lost and how close I am to hitting my challenge goal that I want to make by Valentines Day. I will add one heart for every pound I lose. (sorry, I couldn't think of anything 'creative' this time! hahahaha...) I am setting my goal for this Challenge at 15 lbs. I have just 7 weeks time. Wish me luck!!!

12.26.02 Start Weight = 252.4
12.31.02 0.2 LB. gain
01.07.03 2 LB. LOSS!!!
01.15.03 0.8 LB. gain
01.22.03 1 LB. gain
01.28.03 3.5 LB. LOSS!!!

Goal weight loss target = 15 lbs.
Total weight loss for this challenge = 3.5 lbs.!!!

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