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One butterfly = 5 Lbs. lost !!
Total ~ 53 lbs!!!!!

**I am planning on reaching goal by my birthday - August 24, 2003**
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On August 30, 2001, I began to log my journey of a healthier 'me'. I am following the Weight Watchers Winning Points Program.
If you have been to my other pages, you already know that I suffer from PCOS. (Here you can read about MY PCOS if you are interested.)
From that, I have gained about 100 lbs. in the past few years,
including pregnancy. So, bravely enough, I tell you I have 100 lbs.
that is to be my goal weight loss. Also keep in mind, as you see
my weights listed, that I am 6'0".
I am hoping that this page will keep me motivated to lose
the weight now that I know everyone will be reading it,
and hopefully give someone else some motivation and
inspiration also, as others have done for me.

There are alot of reasons why I need and want to lose the weight.
Everything from the obvious 'physical' reasons of wanting to
look and feel better, needing to be healthy and avoid the negative
effects that being overweight can do to your health, to just
plain not being able to deal with how I am treated so much
differently since I have put on the weight.

I would love to hear any comments you might have, or if you are on a journey of your own!! So, if you have time, please sign our guestbook,
or drop us an e-mail!! Thanks!!!


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