November Journal

November 17, 2002~   
Hey :) I'm now TWO WEEKS completely OP with NO slip-ups at all...I'm feeling great!!! My clothes are all fitting awesome, and I'm seeing a difference in the mirror again, and Clint has made a few comments to me, which is really awesome :) :) :) My scale is down QUITE a bit again...not sure exactly how much, but looks like I might have another 5-6 lb. loss this week :) :) So we'll see on Tuesday for sure :) :)

Well, I walked one mile on Thursday night, ran around doing errands and through Wal-mart for a few hours on Friday, and yesterday we took the girls to a great Christmas store in Sharon, PA, and walked around there for about 3 hours or so :) :) So, I have my activity in, but not 'set' as in walking, weights, etc. as of yet...but I'm working on it :)

I have noticed something that is keeping me on track, besides the water, journaling, and all the 'usuals' that come with following the points's a POSITIVE attitude!!! I have been doing so well with being positive that I'm going to succeed with this, and it's amazing how happy I have been, and my house has been and everything...That positive attitude makes such a huge difference, it's unreal... we have had alot of negative things happen in the past two months, and I was very scared for depression to set in again, but I beat it myself...We have gotten through alot here just since Megan has been born, and we're all doing so well, and I just can't let go of that awesome feeling. So add *A Positive Attitude* to your 'To Do' lists :) You can do this too!!!! :) :) :)

Not a whole lot else to check in with...I just want to keep touching base so you all know I'm still alive :) Have a wonderful OP, POSITIVE week!!!! (((HUGS))) and God Bless!!!

November 14, 2002~   
Hi everyone!!! Sorry I haven't had much time to journal...although I did get my pages updated after my weigh-in this week, so that's something!! Things just seem to have been so busy since Miss Megan has's definitely a big switch from one kid to two :) But I'm loving every minute of it :) They are the greatest :)

So...let's talk about this weigh-in...I kicked BUTT this week!! LOL...I am so excited, and already today (2 days later) my scale is down another 3 lbs. already, so here's hoping for another wonderful Tuesday weigh-in next week :) :) If you didn't see my pages yet, I lost 6.6 lbs. this past week. I am nursing Megan, so I know that has helped ALOT. I haven't seen many women that were nursing and didn't lose a little I guess it really works well. It's amazing that your body can burn that many calories just by producing milk...LOL

I'm doing really well staying OP and I'm actually having a hard time finding ways to fill my points since having so many extra with nursing and all...(sorry...LOL) but it's insane how much more I have to eat to fill those 10 extra points...I'm not used to eating this much...I had 3 banked points yesterday from the day before, and still couldn't use them, PLUS 3 banked from yesterday, so I had 6 extra besides all my regular points this I had a 6 pt. bagel, 2 tbsp. butter, orange juice, and a 5 pt. chewy granola bar for a snack about 2 hours later. So that's 15 pts. for breakfast, but it used up ALL the banked points plus 9 now those are GONE and not bothering me that I'm not eating enough. I can't remember if you are only supposed to use up so many banked points in one day, or just use them within a few days time, I forget...guess I better look that up...

Today is the day that I vowed to start getting some daily exercise in...*ugh* FAVORITE thing *PLEASE note the sarcasm*...but we have the basement all cobweb/spider web cleared, so hopefully nothing 'crawly' comes down on me while I'm down there...we have a full basement, and our house is only a couple years old, but you would be surprised the 'creepy crawlies' that find their way in down there :( *chills* anyways, the treadmill is waiting as are the weights...we have weight equipment, so that is going to be my routine...weights one day, walk the next...6 days a week and Sundays off...I am just going to keep that as my routine, and not have like an exercise chart or anything on here... that's too much for me to have to keep updating, and it's boring for you all to have to read...LOL...

So here goes's the day, and staying OP is going wonderful...I will be to goal in no time :) :) :) I'm really excited about being back OP and doing Weight's awesome...

I hope this finds you all doing well, either ON your journeys, STARTING your journey, or even DEBATING your own journey...

*A year from now you will wish you had started today!!!*

(((HUGS))) to you all and God Bless!!!

November 5, 2002~   
WOO HOO!!! I went this morning and joined up with Weight Watchers again :) That is the best feeling...I love the excitement and the motivation I feel again after being away from it for so long...I really miss the meetings, and the confidence I get when I weigh in and know I had a loss again :) :)

So, I am PROUD to say, that since having Megan, I have lost 26 lbs!!!! I was FLOORED when I got on the scale today.... I know that my jeans that I was wearing when I got pregnant with her are fitting me great, so I knew I lost some, but I didn't expect THAT much :) :) So I'm all giggly today :) :)

I am using my heaviest weight from right when I had Megan to start with on my weight loss chart...just for me personally to know how much I have lost since my highest weight 6 weeks ago...what I mean is, Weight Watchers doesn't show me losing 26 lbs. already, but I know I have from doing Weight Watchers (although not faithfully) and nursing since I had Megan...just so you all understand my numbers :) :) :)

Well, I'm going to close's been a long busy day...I hope you all are doing wonderful!!!! Nighty!!!

November 1, 2002~   
Hey everyone!!! I'm BACK!!!!

Wow, I can't believe I'm really back at it. Well, not *officially* yet, but I am going back to join Weight Watchers on Monday evening :) :) :) I'm SO excited to be getting back on the program, and am doing my darndest to get myself all psyched up again to stick with it and do as well as I did before I got pregnant.

So, I could use all the support you all can offer to keep my butt in gear :) I hope to be posting a few times per week. I am not going to send out updates for just journal entries, so that those of you on my update list aren't swamped with updates from me. I will only send out an update once per week, sometime shortly after my weigh-in night, which I'm not sure if that will be on Mondays or Wednesdays yet. I'm trying to decide which night is better for Clint to watch the girls :) :)

I did want to tell you all that Megan Ray was born on September 21, 2002 :) :) She was 8 lbs. 10 oz. and was 21-1/4 inches long. We had a VERY rough start for her first 3 weeks of life, but all is well and settled now :) I am working on her webpages now, and will post a link to it as soon as I get a chance to have it all done and updated with pictures and all, so you can *meet* her :) I also have new pictures of Abbie that I want to share, so I will pass all that info on to you all as soon as I can get it complete.

Well, I'm going to close for now, I want to go and get the rest of my site all updated and ready for my first weigh-in. I will have all of my previous losses and journals, etc. all archived somehow so that I start out with a fresh slate :) :)

I hope it doesn't become too confusing for you all. If any of you have any suggestions to make the visiting of my site a little more easy to browse through, please let me know...I don't want this getting too confusing and annoying :) :)

I hope this finds you all doing wonderful, and I will talk to you all again very soon!!! God Bless!!!

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