January Journal

January 31, 2002 ~  DUMB DUMB DUUUUMMMBBBB!!!!  No other word for it...I went over points yesterday...not major, but enough...so now I'm eating light as I can today...I got up early this morning and made some Cheese Soup so I had 2 cups of that for lunch (2 pts. and VERY filling) I had a 6 pt. bagel for breakfast with 0 point spray and I had some Baked Ruffles for a snack (2 pts.) So I'm doing really well today...so far...I was talking to Jenn about this, but I am a 'night muncher'...LOL...sounds kinda perverted, but really it's not...ROFL...I just seem to be so hungry and munchie at night, and just can't seem to get full...I think I need to incorporate more water into my evening to help with that feeling...I usually have a 5-6 point breakfast depending on how much time I have in the morning, but I think I need to cut that down to just 2 pcs of low-fat bread with my ICBINB spray for 1 point. I'm sure that would be plenty for me.

I have this thing with 'quantity'...LOL...I want the most I can have for the very littlest (is that a word?!?!?) amount of points! LOL...I'm sure we are all that way, I just seem to not want to waste 2 whole points on something when I would be able to use those points later on in the day, on something REALLY good! LOL...

I got an amazing e-mail yesterday from my brother's girlfriend Bridget. After reading my site here and doing some debating, her and her sister have agreed to both join up with WW...I'm so excited for her, because she sounds so motivated and excited...just like I was when I started. I miss that feeling...I want that excitement back...Thing is, this girl is gorgeous just how she is, but we all know, if we aren't happy with ourselves, ya gotta do something!!! So, I'm really happy for them to be going soon!!! Plus it will be another person semi-close to me (they live about an hour away) that I will have to compare recipes with, and just keep each other going...

Well, geez...I got on here intending a 'quickie' post and as usual, my mind gets going and 10 paragraphs later, I finally say goodbye. LOL

I hope you all are having a great day, Can you believe tomorrow if FEBRUARY already?!?!? Man! Ok...have a great one!!!! Take care, and God Bless!!!

January 22, 2002 ~  Welp, weigh-in yesterday was the gain I have been expecting for a couple weeks now...LOL...I was only up 1/2 lb. though. So nothing major...I just need 3 lbs next week to hit 40 lbs gone!!! I KNOW I can do this!!!

I am anxious to get down a few more lbs so that I can get into all of my clothes in my closet. I think I told you before that I fit into my 20 jeans....well it's only that ONE pair...LOL...I have 4 others sitting in my closet that are still too tight...how crazy is that?!?! I want to take new measurements too...probably after I lose 5 or 10 more lbs, I will put up my measurements chart with those new measurements...I already have my measurement chart done and on a page for LessLisa, but I do not have it linked up as of yet. I'm waiting for this next measurement taking to happen...then you all can see my changes!!

I don't know how many of you that read this have been diagnosed with PCOS...but I received an e-mail yesterday from someone that has a friend with it also. Her friend was told that she would have to have her STOMACH STAPLED to cure her PCOS!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe that?!?!??! I am furious! It sounds to me like this lady's doctor is taking drastic measures into his/her OWN hands for this lady to lose weight...I'm so ticked...There is NO known cure (shots, STOMACH STAPLING, etc.) for PCOS...the ONLY thing that I have noticed myself and from reading other's PCOS success stories is that when you lose weight, the symptoms dwindle away, and eventually disappear! THAT is what you have to work on...exercising, watching what you eat, drinking your water...GETTING YOURSELF HEALTHY!!! My problem was, after all of the doctors I had been to, not ONE told me what needed to be done to lose weight. I literally would STARVE myself trying to lose weight, and I wouldn't lose at all, or I would even GAIN!!! Until I found Weight Watchers (not meant to be a plug...LOL) I never ate so much in my life. When I was starving myself, my metabolism shut down...I have learned that the more I eat (within reason and within points) that I am losing more and more! I have NEVER lost this much weight in my entire life! So, anyways PLEASE do NOT give permission for your doctor to use this stapling as a CURE...it CAN be done ON YOUR OWN!!!!

Ok...I'm going to calm down and close this journal for now...LOL...I think I have made my point...LOL...

I hope you all have a wonderful day, and I will try to post again tomorrow !!!
Bye, and God Bless!!

January 22, 2002 ~  Hi!!! Wow, it's been almost a week since I have journaled! I'm really sorry about that...things have been hectic around here this past week, we weren't home very much!

Things are going really great here! I am not sure what tomorrow's weigh-in will hold for me, but I am off to walk with Abbie today and will do a few miles before I weigh-in tomorrow...it is going to be almost 60 degrees here today! I can't believe it...so I am completely taking advantage of it and getting out for a great walk...

On a bad note, my car died...LOL...it's been acting funny off and on...like it doesn't want to start, then it will, and we'll have no trouble for awhile, then on Saturday, it wouldn't start, and hasn't since. So it just got towed and guess what? I left my wallet on the seat! I'm such a dip, that it's not even funny sometimes...ROFL...so I had to call the garage and let them know, so they can put it in the console for me...LOL...ugh...so I'm just praying that it's something simple and not expensive to fix...

I have done really well staying OP, but not so hot with my water. I did great with water last week, but over the weekend, I don't think I have had but maybe 6 glasses total. I had a 'girls night out' Saturday night, and I'm sure I went over on points...I had sushi before we went out...that isn't so bad on points, but I had 8 light beers while we were out (does that count for SOME water intake????...LOL), 3 Olive Garden breadsticks, and 1/4 of a dessert one of the girls ordered and couldn't finish. I had ordered a grilled chicken salad but wasn't hungry in the least by the time it came, so I never even took one bite. Ended up bringing the entire thing home with me (in a not-so-discreet, large metal lasagna type tin...all they had that was large enough for my salad...ROFL...so our waiter gave me a large handled bag to take it out more discreetly...hahahaha). So, I'm not positive that I went over on points that night, but yesterday I only had 2 salads, 2 breadsticks, and a small venicin tenderloin, and some popcorn late last night for a snack. So I am sure I made up points for Saturday's night out...

I have had quite a few days lately that have been just complete stress-feeling. I hate that...it's unusual for me to have those days anymore. It used to be a constant battle for me, but I have learned to just let things go to God, and they always work out. But the last few days have been *ugh* just nerve-wracking-make you have to run to the potty-type of days...LOL...you SO did NOT need to know that...ROFL...but anyways, my point here is...I have completely AVOIDED the emotional eating habit! I didn't even realize that the emotional eating NEVER happened, until this morning...going through my journal it hit me! I am so proud of myself now!! I can honestly say that I never once turned to food this entire time! WOW!! LOL...I guess that is what 'learning a new life-style' does for you huh!? I'm a-cited...LOL...

Well, I hope you all have an amazing day, and I will update again tomorrow after my weigh-in...

January 22, 2002 ~  Hi!!! Well, I had weigh-in today, and seriously was expecting a gain for some reason, but I lost 1 pound!! Better than nothing or gaining!!! Now I am only 2.5 more pounds from 40 lbs gone!!!! I am gonna nail that 40 lb. loss next week!! I have walked 4.2 miles so far today...2.5 on my lunch hour and the rest just my usual doings for the day. 0.8 more miles and I will have my 10,000 steps for the day...I want to try and make that my goal for this week...getting all my steps in each day. I am hoping that with income tax money, I will have the money to spend on a Tanita scale. They are close to \\$100.00 but they are extremely accurate, and they measure your body fat also...so I'm excited!!

I don't know how many of you that visit have your own journals, either online or offline, but do you ever feel that you talk about yourself alot??? LOL...I realize that is the whole point of doing this, but I feel as if I ramble on about things with me...hahaha...doesn't make much sense does it?? Oh well...LOL...

One thing I cannot believe is I am almost at 10,000 hits on my site. It's amazing! I really do need to thank you all once again for coming to the site and leaving the e-mails and guestbook entries that are always so sweet. I have yet to have someone e-mail me with anything negative *knock on wood*...and your letters and comments really do keep me motivated and determined to do this...I don't want to end up the one with the site that is neglected, and losses stalling or the gaining starting...I want to do this...and I truly thank you all for being there to keep me going!!!

Welp, I'm outta here for the night...Hope you all are having a great one!!! I will try to get back to journaling here again on a daily basis I hope!!!

Goodnight and God Bless!!

January 19, 2002 ~  Happy Saturday!!! Hope you all are enjoying this weekend so far!! I have been doing awesome sticking with my points!! I even dropped my self down to the next point range today...I'm about 8 lbs above where I should 'officially' drop, but I want to see if having just a couple points less a day will speed my losses...I was at the same weight or close to it for 4 weeks before last weeks' 3.5 lb. loss...so I am going to see how it works for me. I know it's not recommended by Weight Watchers, but I feel like my body has become accustomed to the calorie intake that I am at...I have been at this point range for so long, and I think I need to 'surprise' my body a bit, and see how it reacts!!

I post at Dotti's on a regular basis, and I had someone there today ask me if I was a cheerleader in school....LOL...they remarked how cheery and positive I always am in my posts. This is one thing that I KNOW in my heart that gets me doing this, and succeeding as I am. If I sat here every single day and just DREADED the entire idea of HAVING to diet, and HAVING to count point, and HAVING to journal (you get the idea...) I would fail. I know I would fail, and probably horribly. I have accepted the fact that I want to be better. I want to make myself look and feel better. And I know that weight loss is going to be a huge factor in that. Probably THEE factor. I posted this paragraph here, because I want everyone out there to know that as long as you don't dread every single day, and take it day by day...meal by meal, however you have to do it to succeed...You can do this!!! I have seen and talked to alot of people that do not have the support at home as I do, and even people that their families or siginificant others will even purposely sabotage their weight loss. I thank God everyday for the family and friends that I have that give me unconditional support 24/7, and for God giving me the strength to get through this everyday...I couldn't do it without them...I don't want to offend anyone here, but if those people cannot be supportive and love you for no matter what you are doing, then DO NOT count on them. You are doing this for YOU, not for anyone else. Don't worry about the hurt feelings that someone may have from you turning down their food they made 'for you'...please try not to let these things happen...it will only bring you down, and make you feel like you failed. I have been lucky that whenever we are going to my parents for a meal, my mom always makes sure that she has something made that is fine for me to eat. If by chance I can't have what is being served, I may take a small bite of something so that I don't blow it, and stop at that.

Anyways, todays rambling post is here because I get alot of e-mails from people with comments on my site, and with questions and ideas as to how I stick with this whole way of eating now, and I want to post answers to some questions here and there throughout my journals...All of this is basically just a lesson in what I have learned...staying positive, cheerful, and smiling all the time makes my life so enjoyable!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!! Good luck to you on your own journeys!!! God Bless!!!

January 16, 2002 ~ Good evening all!! Hope you all are having a wonderful day!!! Today was actually easy to stay OP...I think I have the motivation back to just do it, and that makes it SO much easier...

I was laying in bed last night and Clint got home from work, and climbed into bed...I was laying on my side with my back to him, and he got in bed as usual and put his arm around me to go to sleep. He laid there for a minute, and he goes, 'I don't remember the last time I could get my arm all the way around you like this!!'...he had his arm around me, under my boobs, and wrapped all the way around and his hand was under the side that I was laying on!! It was such an AWESOME feeling!!! I felt so good about myself right then!!!

I have been noticing the changes in my face alot more now too...like I'm seeing the 'real' me in there now...not this chubby faced 'thing' anymore. I love it. My self-confidence is higher than it's been in YEARS...I'm talking 8-10 YEARS!!!

Another thing, I weigh less now than I did when I got pregnant with Abbie!! But, I guess this is what childbirth does to you, I still am not comfortable in the same size that I wore then! Weird huh? I can get them on, buttoned and zipped, and they don't look so bad...but it is required for us to be able to breath, right??? LOL...So, I figure another 5 - 10 lbs, and I will be down another size comfortably...I can't get enough of this feeling, I feel like I am smiling all over all the time! LOL...

I had some punk with no life, catch me on AIM the other day. I have no clue how he found out my user name on there, but he had nothing but nasty things to say to me...his first comment was actually 'why don't you lose some weight fatty!'...so that bout ruined my day. I haven't ever had anyone say anything so cruel to me. Then I realized what a pathetic little loser of a punk this person must be, to have to ridicule, and make fun of other annonymously over the computer, and they're not worth my worries. I couldn't give a crap about what anyone like that thinks of me...All I know is they need to get a life, and grow up! LOL...Some people have no clue, nor do they care, when they say something how bad it really hurts. At least we know we are better than that...I know I have learned ALOT by sharing my experience with you all. Taking the good with the bad, and learning everyday. I just want to thank you all that come here with good intentions, to read my site, and keep yourself motivated! Your presence here means the world to me!

Have a wonderful day, and God Bless You!!!

January 15, 2002 ~   I have some GOOOOOOOD news!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA...I am down 3.5 lbs!!!!! I am now at a total of 36.5 lbs. in just a little over 4 months!!! I am so stinkin' excited!!! I KNOW it has been the walking...I made SURE I exercised (walked) every single day, and it sure as heck paid off!!!! Wow, I just can't quit grinning...

Well, I have NOTHING else to talk about tonight, isn't that incredible??? LOL...I hope you all have a wonderful weigh-in, OP day and week to come!!! We CAN do this!!!! Take care!!!

January 14, 2002 ~   Howdy!! Hope this finds you all doing well!! I don't have a whole lot to update about, but you know how that turns out...LOL...

After alot of debating, and weighing the pros and cons, I am as of now not going to be attending the WW meetings or weigh-ins...I am going to be doing this on my own at home. Please DO NOT think I am abandoning my weight loss journey...that is the FARTHEST from what I am doing. I am continuing on WW, just as I always have, I just have a hard time reasoning the 12 dollars a week to step on the scale for 3 seconds, when I can do that at work each week. I have an accurate scale at work that I am able to check my weight each week...it is actually exactly 2 lbs. higher than the WW scale, so at least it's a consistent difference, and I will know exactly where I am according to WW still...

I am doing really well staying OP, and doing awesome with my water still...I am even exercising regularly!!! I am still amazed with myself (and my legs are still screaming at me), but I walked 3 miles on my lunch today!!!! I couldn't believe I actually did it! I will usually walk one mile at least sometimes a mile and a half on my lunch, but because there is no one there. I walk at a park across the street from where I work, and I carry mace and all, but it's still weird when I'm alone...so this really nice couple was there today with their two dogs, and they kept doing more laps and more laps, so I just kept going...it was nice not being alone...

Anyways, that is the scoop on me for the day...I will post again tomorrow, as I am weighing in at work tomorrow...so everything will be updated!! Keep everything crossed for me for a loss!!! I sure need that kind of motivation!!!

Have a great OP day!!!

January 11, 2002 ~   Feels like it's been awhile!! I really enjoy keeping up posting here...need to get back on the ball!!

We went to Clint's company Christmas party last night! We had a really good time. I had been hoping that some of them would notice my weight loss so far, but nothing was said. But, I'm ok with that, because I KNOW what I have done!! I did, however, wear the same outfit to work yesterday, and I had alot of compliments there...mostly I think because the outfit actually FIT and didn't HANG on me...LOL...

Something hit me last night on the ride home and I almost cried. It was the first time in I honestly don't remember when...that I wasn't the LEAST bit nervous or scared or embarrased to go out in public!!! I felt amazing!!! And when it hit me, that the 'fear' never once crossed my mind, it was AMAZING to me!!!

I finally did go and get myself a pedometer to track how much activity I do each day!! Although, in my excitement to just HAVE one, I completely did not look to see if it tracked distance or steps or both, and all it tracks is distance...but it's ok...I have adapted to it, and have it down how to figure out how many steps I take in the distance that the pedometer shows...yesterday, however, I had alot of driving time, and my distance walked was only one mile...today though, I am almost 2 miles, and haven't even hit the treadmill yet! I really like it...kind of keeps me on my toes, knowing if I have or haven't done enough for the day!!

Well, be sure to see if I have updated my before and after 'real' pictures...I had my mom take a new picture of me yesterday before the dinner, and it's a full-body shot...I want to get that up and two 'before' full body shots to see if there is a difference...

Have a great night, and day tomorrow!! God bless you!!!

January 8, 2002 ~   Welp, I hoped for a loss, feared a gain, and managed a subtle compromise!! I maintained this week!! I was thrilled earlier today, but now I'm not so happy with it...it could have been a loss, if I followed the stinking program...LOL...so I have vowed to myself to exercise EVERY day this week, keep up on my water intake, and eating to the lowest of my point range. I will see what this brings me next weigh-in, and know what I have to do to reach my goal!! I feel like I am disappointing everyone here when I don't lose...hate that feeling...because as I give others hope that this actually DOES work, it gives me even MORE inspiration and motivation to continue, and when the loss doesn't happen, I feel as if I let EVERYONE down...sounds stupid I know...but that also keeps me going...therefore, the entire point of this site right?? LOL...Anyways, here's to a LOSING week for ALL of us!!! I want some AWESOME news to report to you all next week!!!! LOL...

Take care, and God bless !!!

January 7, 2002 ~   Hi ya'll!! What a great day I had...nothing in particular happened, just felt like a great day. Work was busy, I ventured out on my lunch time to walk at the park across the street even though it was snowing and blowing, but I got out there and did it anyways! How else am I gonna lose, right?? I walked about 20 minutes. Got home, got my house cleaned, made some dinner for Clint and Abbie, and I headed downstairs to the treadmill. I did another 25 minutes on that. I really think it's all the walking that makes these last few days feel relaxed, and energized all at the same time...I love the feeling after walking and lifting the weights...makes me want to do more and more...so WHY don't I do it all the time??? I have no clue. LOL. I do know that I AM going to push myself to do it every single day from now on. I can't wait to see some really good losses again like I was having until recently. I miss that feeling of motivation.

As for tomorrow mornings weigh-in, I'm praying, crossing everything I can, and hoping for the best! Although my scale here is still showing me down, I don't trust it...I should just pitch it...I want to find a really nice accurate digital one. I have had a hard time points wise lately...well, points-wise wasn't actually HORRIBLE...I only went over one day this past week, but the food choices weren't the best. Like I have been saying I have done great with the water intake though. But I slacked on my exercise. That's the reason I'm a tad worried. I know that the exercise is what boost my losses, therefore the reason that I walked twice today and will in the morning before weigh in also...LOL...every little bit HAS to help right???

I talked to Clint tonight and we are going Thursday night to Mentor to his work Christmas party, and he's going to take me to Dick's Sports Store before the dinner, and I'm going to find a pedometer!!!! I'm SO excited! I can't wait to use it and see how much activity I actually do each day...I actually counted how many steps it takes me at work to go from my car to my office, down the hallways and back, etc. LOL...I found myself counting in my head and not even realizing it...LOL...so this will be fun to see!!

Alright, it's late and I'm babbling...I'm going to close here...I hope you all are still awake after reading this...LOL...I will post my weigh-in and updates hopefully early tomorrow...WISH ME LUCK...
I'm gonna need it!! LOL

Take care, and God bless!!!

January 6, 2002 ~   Good Sunday to ya!! Hope this finds you all doing well and feeling well!!! Not a ton to talk about today, but you know me...who knows how this will end up...LOL

Wanna start with a couple of 'things'...First, for kicks, I started a 'paper clip chain' just to see where it ends up..for every pound I lose, I'm adding a clip...sucker is already pretty long, can't wait to see it at my goal weight :) Maybe I'll take a picture with it all wrapped around my skinny self or something...LOL

And, this kinda caught me off guard last night, but I was all giggly after...Abbie was doing fingerpaints before bed (MESSY, long story, but OXY-CLEAN DOES work!!! HAHAHAHAH)...anways, she was washed up a little, and I had her ready for her bath, and was cleaning the tub a bit before I put her in...well, before I even knew it, I realized, I was standing up, BENT OVER at the waist, cleaning my tub, talking on the phone, and I wasn't even out of breath nor did I hurt anywhere, NOTHING...it was such a weird feeling!!! I re-read that, and it sounds funny or trivial, but to those of you as overweight as I am, you KNOW what I mean!!! hahahahah...I mean, I got to the point where I had to put my foot up on my opposite knee and tie my shoe...it was too much to bend over and do it...man, that sounds horrible, but it was so true...so for this to hit me last night, my whole body's been a'smilin' today!!! HAHAHA

I got my entire house cleaned yesterday and even got some furniture moved around (**activity points**) and finished up the rest today already...going to do some laundry, then when Abbie gets up from nap, I'm heading to the basement for treadmill time!!! I WANT a good loss DESPERATELY on Tuesday!!! I'm determined to get it...

So, I wish you all a wonderful Sunday, and hope to 'see' you again soon!!

January 5, 2002 ~   Happy Weekend Ya'll!! I didn't even work much this week due to being sick, and I was looking forward to the weekend...how pathetic am I???

Finally over this nasty bug...although I'm still sick first thing in the morning the last few days, but it goes away...so I'm getting better!! Hope I still have a good loss this week at weigh-in...I'm kinda scared to go to weigh-in after not being there for the last 2, but gotta get back on track somwhere right?? By my scale I have lost a good amount, but not holding to that until I see the official weight...LOL

I'm also, starting this week, switching to Tuesday morning weigh-ins, so I will be udating a day earlier each week now...It will work better for me with my work schedule, and having Abbie with me, and Clint's schedule, plus I'm sure I will have a loss or not as bad of a gain switching to mornings...at least for this week...LOL

I've been searching half.com and Ebay this morning looking for a nice pedometer, digital or dr. style scale, and some Lelie Sansone 'Walk Away the Pounds' videos...just browsing, but these are my wish list hopefully soon. It would be nice to have a pedometer for sure...did you know they recommend 10,000 steps a DAY to stay healthy?!?!?!?! From what I have read, active people that thought for sure they were getting in at LEAST that many steps were only getting 3,000 - 5,000 a day...LOL...so I'm SURE I will be at like 300...hahahah...I would like to see where I stand with my activity in that capacity, and see what it's going to take to get up to the 10,000...I'm sure I will sleep better that's for sure!

I have been doing alot of reading on the net lately (Gee! *boing* *light bulb*...bet if I spent this much time WALKING I would get my 10,000 steps in...LOL) anyways...been reading alot of weight loss sites and seeing the before and after pictures, and getting some new inspired motivation from it all. There was one site, can't remember what site it was, and I hope this doesn't start a war, but she (I'll call her #1) had made a comment that she was ticked (didn't use that word) that another lady (I'll call her #2) on her own weight loss site said that she can't stand finding a new weight loss site that a person is all upset and has to lose 'all this weight' and has an entire site about it and she has like 10 lbs. to lose. I can see the argument from both sides of this one. Losing weight, no matter how much you have to lose, even 5 lbs., is tough...and some people might need a site just like I do to lose that amount...so I see why (#1) might have thought the comment wasn't necessary, BUT, to look at the other side of this (#2's side), when you have over 100 lbs. to lose as I did in the beginning, 10 lbs. seems like 'Oh, I won't eat for 2 days and be perfect again'...ROFL...so why can't I lose another 10 that fast then??? hahahah...Anyways, I guess my point here is, I hope there's not alot of that 'site fighting' type stuff going on ya know? We all need motivation to lose what WE need to lose. That's why these are 'personal' journeys...I by no means want to offend ANYONE by my post(s), but these are just things that I find boggling...I think that we ALL know how tough this journey is at any weight, and we all need to be supportive of each other to get us to goal...

Hope this finds you all happy, getting healthy, and staying OP!!! God Bless!!!

January 3, 2002 ~   Hi all! Well, I didn't go to weigh-in last night, that's the reason for my pages not being updated...I had already decided not to go as I said before, but yesterday morning at 3:30 a.m. I woke up to the stomach flu! Ummm...YUCK?!?!? I can't believe how BAD I feel...only had 6 pts. used yesterday, couldn't keep anything down...today seems to be a 'tad' better, nothing much though...so I'm still not up to doing anything...one good thing about being sick though is, my scale is down incredibly today!! Looks like it's close to 7 lbs.!! I haven't checked myself in a few days, and I don't remember my scale this low!! I'm kinda excited...I could put up with being this sick for a couple WEEKS if I am going to lose like this...LOL

Welp, that's all for me today...not a whole lot going on, as you can imagine...but just wanted to let you all know why my pages will not be updated for this week...hopefully next Wednesday there will be a BIG change to update to!!!

Have a great day!!!!

January 1, 2002~    H A P P Y     N E W     Y E A R !!!!!
I hope you all had a wonderful New Years Eve and day!!! We had a nice quiet evening at home, just the 3 of us, and didn't even make it to midnight!! I know, what a goon huh?? Is that a sign of getting old or what??? Today, we had his dad and step-mom over for New Years dinner and she had her two small nephews and niece with her, and Abbie had a ball playing with them all!! We had our traditional saur kraut and kielbasa, mashed potatoes and baked corn. Great dinner, and all I had was 1 cup of saur kraut (0 points), 1/2 oz. of kielbasa (1 pt.), 1/2 cup mashed potatoes (2 pts.), 2 pieces of low-cal bread (1 pt.)...and a HUGE salad w/FF dressing (1 pt.)...5 points total isn't bad for a huge dinner huh??? LOL...I am actually trying to bank points today, so I'm only at 16 points for today, and my range is 28 - 33...so I will make up for the last couple of bad days...

I have fell off the wagon with a huge THUMP the past few days, and am feeling HORRIBLY guilty. I hate this feeling because then I feel like I think of nothing BUT food, because I try to avoid eating all the time then...I hate it...But, on a good note, I have the banked points now, and am doing AWESOME with my water intake, and have been exercising ALOT lately...so I'm sure I will do just fine.
Plus I have recently re-taken my measurements!!! I took my first measurements after I had already lost 15 lbs., I wish I had taken them from day one...but compared to the measurements taken after the first 15 lbs were already gone, I have lost another 9 INCHES!!!! I'm so excited when I see numbers shrink!!! I have been debating putting my measurements up soon to show you what the changes have been there also, so keep watching, as I hope to have them up soon!!

I will not be going to meeting tomorrow, \\$12 is $12 after all, and if I don't have to pay for missing, then I don't think I'm going to go...and I can also guarantee a loss for next week that way!!

On a similar different note...I have been doing ALOT of surfing around and reading others weight loss journeys, and I'm truly surprised how many 'abandoned' sites there are. It's kind of depressing...I hope and pray that mine does NOT end up that way. I feel bad for the owners of the site, because, if they have given up, are they back to the old way they were, and how are they feeling about themselves right now??? Makes me want to find them, and hug them, and put them back on the journey myself. I just wish the best to all of you that are on your journey, and hope that you continue with success, and never have that old 'nasty' feeling that you may have had when you started your initial journey!! If you are feeling this way again, please get back to it, and JUST DO IT!!! I am always here to correspond with anyone that is having a tough time, and needs a little reasurring, or motivation to get you going again! Right now I have 6 people that I correspond with on a regular basis, so if you need something like that to keep you going, please DO NOT hesitate to contact me!!!

Welp, on that note I'm going to go and get my work done that I had to bring home for the Holiday...Wishing you all the best, and God Bless!!!!

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