November Journal

November 28, 2001 ~Good evenin!! Well, first, today is mine and Clint's 9th Anniversary!! It was a great day...I got 1/2 dozen Long stem roses delivered to me at work today from him!! It was a real boost in my day!!

UGH....then the dreaded weigh-in...I gained 1-1/2 lbs this week...I'm really bummed...I thought I did pretty well over the holiday weekend, but I guess that's what having 3 separate Thanksgiving dinners does to ya...But, it's only my 2nd SMALL gain since I started, and I will have that PLUS some gone next week...I'm guaranteeing it!! LOL

Then after weigh-in we went to Ruby Tuesdays for was a really good day overall!!!

It's late, so I'm not going to post much...hope you all had a great day!!!
God Bless and take care!!

November 22, 2001 ~HI!! Hope this finds everyone doing really well and OP!! Sorry it's been so long since I journaled...had a wonderful weekend, very relaxing, lot of fun!!! We got our Christmas tree up, and all the lights outside on the house and porch. We put up two of the 7 foot lighted spiral trees in the front yard. It looks so pretty!

We had ANOTHER Thanksgiving dinner yesterday with his dad and step-mom, it was really nice. So that makes 3...count em...THREE Thanksgiving dinners for us, and I stayed OP every single day!!!! One day, I have to admit was my limit on points, but that is the first time I have done that in a long I feel like I did really well!!

Having these full meals though, makes me worry about weigh in on Wednesday, but I just OD'd on water today and will tomorrow too, and have to walk and do my stepper tonight and tomorrow and Wednesday on my lunch hour. As long as I don't gain Wednesday, I'll be happy!!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend, and hope to post more often if things stay a bit calm before Christmas shopping starts for us!!

Big hugs and God Bless!!

November 22, 2001 ~ HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! I had the BEST Thanksgiving!!! I only ate what I said I was going to...I had a small piece of turkey, small serving of mashed potatoes, sour kraut (no kielbasa), salad and Crustless Pumpkin pie...I didn't even go back AT ALL and pick like I normally would have...I didn't even pay attention to the other desserts that were there, besides my pies...I am SO proud of myself. I actually had plenty of points that I could have indulged and still have been fine. I had 10 points un-used from yesterday (weigh-in day, always have leftover points), so I had a huge breakfast today which technically cost me no points for using the banked I even got to have a sandwich just now to fill my points for today....and I'm still having some left over....LOL....I feel SOOO great that I knew ahead of time what I was going to eat, and didn't steer from that at all!! When we were done eating, I got up and started washing everyone's dishes, that kind of stuff instead of sitting there gazing at the food still uneaten.

Oh...I baked TWO of the crustless pumpkin pies because there are about 6 of us that are on WW in my family that were there, so I made 2 pies so that all of us could have some, and only ONE other person ate ONE piece. So I have two pies in my fridge all to myself!! LOL...

What's even more amazing is, out of the 6 of us that were there that are on WW, I was the ONLY one that still counted points today...everyone else was like 'It's Thanksgiving, I'm not worrying about it!!!' we'll see how that works out next week on scales....LOL!!

On a more personal note, it was a wonderful Thanksgiving. The group hasn't been this large in a few years. There was a very special prayer before dinner of course, and I had asked my cousin, if, after my uncle was done saying the prayer as he always does, if she would pipe up and add a special prayer for our uncle, as he was just operated on to replace a pace-maker that was RECALLED...can you believe that??? Like he's a CAR or something. So we all gave thanks that he was with us and doing well. Not a dry eye in the house, let me tell ya...

Also, a cousin of mine that I had gotten close to awhile back, was there. I haven't seen him in YEARS...he was just up and gone at one point, and I had no clue what happened. So I was SO excited to see him tonight and he finally got to meet Abbie!!

It was truly a very special day with alot for me to be thankful for!

November 21, 2001 ~ I just had the BEST day!!! Oh my gosh, I am feeling SO happy and excited and blessed!! Here's it is from start to finish!! LOL...First yesterday, got my hair done as planned...HATED IT...hahaha...I had it highlighted, well I usually do a red highlight and looks really good, this time I decided to try a lighter brown instead. Well, ended up BLONDE...and I mean BLONDE...Everyone liked it, cept me. The worst was, I pull my hair back to clip it or in a ponytail and I had this huge BLONDE streak right down the middle of my a stinkin I called this morning (after having to go into work this way) and she got me in today to fix after a good day at work, I got my hair done again. She put a toner on it, and it's a light red again..looks really good!!

Also yesterday, last night I had so much energy that I ended up exercising AND cleaning, and ended up cleaning my messy 1/2 of the closet. Well, come to find out, I found 4 new shirts that were thrown up on the top shelf of my closet that I had completely forgotten about!!! They were all shirts that were getting too tight/small on me, and I guess I just threw them up there in disgust. WELL, today I wore one to work and it was BAGGY!!!!! My mom saw me soon as I walked in and was like 'WOW you look really nice today! Is that new??" ROFL...I LOVE the compliments!!

Ok...then today after the hair appointment, off to my weigh-in. Had an awesome meeting. Weighed in and lost another 1.5 LBS.!!! For a total of 29.5 lbs.!! That makes me over my 10% and I got my KEYCHAIN!!!!! After I screached and was laughed at, my leader Kim gave me the best compliments...she goes 'This is really working WELL for you...have other people noticed also??' and I told her 'yeah, people are starting to notice and I'm getting compliments alot now' and she goes 'I can surely tell, you look wonderful!!'...MADE MY DAY!!!

THEN, off to the grocery store (mind you all day I have had Abbie with me, work, hair appt., meeting, and grocery shopping, and she was such a sweetheart and did so well). We get to the grocery store and this little old lady was in the spice isle and couldn't reach the spice she needed, so I helped her (being 6 foot tall and all, ya know...LOL) and each isle after we would pass her, and she would just smile and watch me and Abbie playing and laughing together. We get to the last isle of the store, and she's there again...and I see her staring at us...and I said (with a smile and not snotty) 'What??' and she goes, 'That is the BEST sound in the world'...and I said, 'What do you mean'..she goes 'Hearing you and her with so much love'...I wanted to cry right there in the store...I told her how sweet she was and that was probably the best compliment I could ever receive...That just topped off my awesome day...

So, anyways...nuff rambling...I have updated all my pages now so they are current for todays weigh-in.

I hope you all had a fabulous day also, and wish you all the best Thanksgiving Day. We all have so many things to be thankful for, and I hope you remember each and everyone, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you, they are all blessings.

God Bless and have a wonderful holiday!!
***Man my posts are getting long!!...HAHAH***

November 20, 2001 ~Good Morning! Finally a chance to post early in the day!! I have had a great last couple of days, so I thought I would post about it!! First, got on the scale today and I'm 3-4 lbs. down again, so I'm anxious for tomorrows weigh-in...I only need a ONE pound loss to get my keychain!!! Here's hoping!! the good stuff!! It's all things that I have found out about myself! First, did you know FINGERS HAD BONES?!?!??!? HAHAHAAHAH...Yesterday for the first time, my fingers are starting to look 'boney'!!! I can't get over it...THEN...I was talking to someone yesterday and put my hands on my hips, and WHOA!!! Ya know that nasty CREASE where your hips start at your waist?? (Well, some of you may not, but I sure do...) mine is GOING AWAY!!! It is such a strange feeling to run my hands down my sides, and it's all starting to feel like it's 'flowing' together...what an AMAZING feeling!!! Oh man, I just thought did I react while talking to that person yesterday when it hit me about my hips...HAHAHAHAH...they must think I'm a loon!!! hahahahaah...

Now the third change...My ARMS!!! I won't have to worry much longer about waving, and these suckers knocking someone over!!! hahahaha...I was sitting here at the computer two nights ago, and rested my hand on my arm just above the inside of the bend in my elbow, and it feels SOOOO thin!!! I could feel my bone and muscle!! It's not squishy like it was, and the backs of my arms are so much better already too!!!

And here's a real clincher for me...I'm sure some of you know what I'm talking about here, but I have noticed the last few days when I wake up in the morning, the first thing on my mind is NOT food!!!! I can't beleive this one. It will be 10 or 11 A.M. and my stomach growls, and I realize, 'Oh my gosh, I haven't had breakfast yet!'....This is a MAJOR accomplishment for me. I never really ate a TON, but seems like food was ALWAYS on my this is a great accomplishment for me...shows me that I am learning to eat and think healthier. Food is NOT a priority anymore...I sure hope this continues!!!

And I almost forgot!!! My stomach is thinning out and my boobs stick out now!!! Before I lost, my boobs were about even with my belly (that was so gross to me) now I'm kind of getting my 'figure' back also!!!

Wow, I guess that's enough for today!! I will journal again tomorrow when I get back from weigh-in. Today I'm going to get a highlight and haircut done. I haven't had my hair done in probably 8 months easy. Not even trimmed...Just never have the money, so after 28+ pounds now, I think it's time for a little change for myself. I'm excited!!

We'll talk again tomorrow!!
May God bless you and give you strength for another wonderful OP day!!

November 18, 2001 ~HI!! Did you see the meteor shower?!?!?!?! I stood there in COMPLETE amazement!!! Until last night, I had NEVER seen a shooting star, and for my first time to see one be one after another after another, it was completely amazing!!! Like a fireworks show from God himself!!

I'm all excited today!! I finally got my package yesterday that I have been waiting for from Fingerhut. I ordered myself a 'Portable' Stepper. It's awesome!! I wanted something small that I could tuck away in our bedroom, that would not take up alot of room, yet I could work out somehow while watching tv. This is PERFECT!!! It is very sturdy, and all it is is the two steps with a digital readout between them...I am LOVING it...figure if I can watch a movie or something it won't feel as much like 'exercising' far so good!!! One more thing to get myself moving!!!

Still doing wonderful staying OP, but did not have much water yesterday so I'm making up for it today!!

I have mapped out my plan for Thanksgiving already!! I will NOT let one Holiday ruin my weight's not worth it. I am celebrating my Thanksgiving as a day to give thanks for family and friends, and all that God has given us...not to make it a celebration of FOOD...I am going to make sure I get MANY exercise points this week, water, water, and more water, and then before Thanksgiving dinner, I am going to make sure that I get in at LEAST 2 large glasses of water before I sit down for our meal...and my meal will only consist of White turkey meat, small amount of mashed potatoes and a piece of 'one-point pumkin pie'...I am not allowing myself to go any further. This is my first Thanksgiving OP, and I intend to make it a GOOD one!!!

Well, that's enough for today...Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the weekend!!!

Take care and God bless!!

November 14, 2001 ~YIIPPPEEEEE!!!! I got my 25 lb. magnet!!!!!

I just got home from tonights weigh-in and I lost 4.5 more lbs.!!! That makes a total of 28!!! I'm SOOOO happy!!! I was so afraid that those few days that I went off the program and had a hard time sticking to points, that I blew it...but I got myself back up and back to being OP and it really paid off!!! I'm so happy!!!

Well, I guess that's it for me today!! I think that's enough good news for now!!! LOL...My plan now is to STICK to points, and water, water, water...and walking as often as I can!!! I know that is what makes me lose, and I'm not going to fail!!!

Have a wonderful rest of the night, and a great, new, OP day tomorrow!!!

November 12, 2001 ~Good Evenin'!! Kind of a late post for me for today, but I'm happy to say I have had ANOTHER OP day, and my fill of water also!! I'm feeling SOOO good!!! I got on the scale tonight (Yes, TONIGHT, not first thing this morning after I pee, I'm naked, you know the routine....ROFL) and even for it being at night, I'm showing 4-5 lbs. loss...So I'm truly hoping I have a good loss this week at meeting.

Even if I don't, I'm proud of myself for sticking to the program like I have this week...I think the guilt trips I play on myself really help...Well, that and Jenn threatening me if I don't do it...hahahahah....KIDDING...Jenn has been an AMAZING support for me, and knows the perfect times that I need a good swift womp in the butt to get myself back on track. I'm VERY glad to have her on my side!! Love ya Jenn!!!

Welp, it's late, and I'm off to bed...Here's to hoping this post finds you Happy and Healthy, and ready for a brand new OP day!!!

Take care, and God Bless!

November 11, 2001 ~Afternoon all!!! I know, I promised to journal everyday, and I have been bad. LOL...but I have NOT been bad on my points!! I am so proud of myself, and getting that positive confidence back, just by sticking to my points and using my points more wisely again just as I did in the beginning of starting WW. I feel amazing. Not to mention that I feel 100% better today than I have this week. It was a miserable week with my time of the month and all (sorry if there are any men that read this...HAHAHAH) but at least that is a fact that my body is adjusting to me losing weight, NEEDING me to lose this weight, and I'm getting HEALTHY again!!

I went and spent some time with my mom and dad this morning, and we were talking about running. My dad had just gotten off the treadmill, he's in excellent shape (mom is too...pretty sad when my mother gets hit on more than me...HAHAHA) and he and my mom are both very healthy people. So anyways, he gets off the treadmill today after running 3 miles...he does 3 miles in about 1/2 hour :) And I finally was excited about something to work towards for losing all this weight, besides the obvious :) I want to run a marathon!!!! I want to find out about some different types of marathons, 5K's whatever, and I want to find one scheduled for towards the end of next summer, and I AM GOING TO DO IT!! (Long as I'm not pregnant that is!!...and I'll take that over a marathon ANY day again !!) That is how healthy I want myself to be. I want to be able to run, and jump, and do cartwheels like a kid again, without fear of breaking something, fracturing something, or just plain hurting. This type of 'me' is what I'm working on getting to...I want the fun, energetic, goofy me that I always was (and still am) but without any kind of hinderance on what I want to do, WHEN I want to do it!!

I hope this post finds you all feeling just as inspired, happy, and thankful as I do today!!

Take care, and God Bless!!

November 8, 2001 ~ ANOTHER OP DAY!!!! WOO HOOO MEEE!!! LOL...I'm really feeling alot better about this whole weight loss thing! LOL...although I did have to skip weigh in this week, which is kinda bumming me, I will have an even larger loss to announce next week, that's all!

I am feeling a bit better today, but still have a bad headache, tired, and weak, but hopefully tomorrow will feel better after a good night of rest. I'm really happy with the changes at this site. I had fun re-decorating, and it's almost completely finished. I will hopefully get it all finished tomorrow.

Well, it's time for bed, so I hope you all had a great OP day!! Talk to you soon!!

November 7, 2001 ~ Sorry I didn't get to post yesterday, I'm having trouble with my cable connection AGAIN, and lucky if I stay connected 10 minutes at a time...LOL...Stayed OP again yesterday, and haven't eaten as of yet today, so things are going really well.

I'm home from work today, as it seems that losing weight is helping me TOO much in the 'womanly time of the month' deal. I've been so bad today and yesterday that my doctor called to check on me again this morning, and gave me signs of anemia to watch for. Seems being on Glucophage AND Weight Watchers, losing over 23 lbs. now, is getting my body back in order. But, the doctor is very concerned of the blood loss, and keeping a close eye on everything...he's great! He says things sound like they are actually starting to work the way they are supposed to. Actually a bit TOO good. So I'm on orders from the doctor to REST, either sitting and not doing much or completely laying down, and neither are very easy with Abbie running around, although she is such a great kid, and helping me with so much...she's a sweet heart ! She got out her 'doctor kit' today to make me feel better, and gave me her blankie and teddy to lay with...LOL...Love her to pieces...hahaha

So, no weigh in for me tonight...I was debating going this week anyways, so I guess this is my answer. So next weeks weigh-in, I KNOW I will have a good loss!!!

Good OP day to you all!!!

November 5, 2001 ~ Good Evenin'!! I hope this post is finding you all having a wonderful OP day!!

I have done AMAZINGLY well, back OP, and not having any trouble today!! I'm so excited, it's actually given me a little 'boost' I have been needing. I'm heading to the treadmill now to get my excersize in for the day. I am seriously thinking of skipping this weeks meeting/weigh-in just so that I don't get discouraged and give up...ya know?? Jenn has already told me that she doesn't want me skipping the meeting or weigh-in for fear I will start getting too relaxed about it and not do as well as I have so far...but with her keeping me in check, and the great group of friends I have met at Dotti's, I am sure to forge ahead, and continue just as positively as I have in the past!!

I want to thank all of you that have visted my site, and signed my guestbook or e-mailed me with the most encouraging messages. You all are really keeping me going!! And I thank you, for you are doing more for me than you can ever know.

November 4, 2001 ~ Happy November :) Guess it's time I added another entry huh?? LOL

Well, again, I want to apologize for my October journal being wiped out. I know it is bothering me more than visitors to my site, but I feel bad for those that read my updates. So, since this has happened to two other pages of mine, I have changed the password needed to work on my site, so hopefully it doesn't happen again.

Anyways, back to WW...I have had a really hard time sticking to program since the night of the concert when I decided that 'one night' of going over wouldn't hurt me...and even though I am still losing, it's not at the same pace I was in the start of going to Weight Watchers. So, after a good swift kick in the rear, I'm well on my way back to the 'me' I want to be. I will also be journaling more, as that seems to keep me in check.

Any tips anyone has for getting yourself back on track (and staying there) would be greatly appreciated.

I was thinking this morning when I woke up, and was still lying in bed...that I think the main reason that I got off track (besides the 'letting myself slip a day') is because I lost over 23 lbs in a very short time, and was no longer in that 'I'm so disgusted with myself I could die' kinda phase. I am feeling better about myself, and maybe the desire isn't as strong as it was in the beginning?? I don't know if that makes sense to any of you, but I really think that's my problem...I'm not at the 'very end' of not being able to take it anymore...and I think that was my initial motivation. So, I now need a new motivator, and hopefully working on my journal here more often, and keeping my actual points journal will help me also!!

So, wish me luck, as I do to you on your journey also!!!

God Bless!!

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