August Journal

August 30, 2001 ~Wow, the first day of a new me!! My starting weigh-in weight is ____ lbs. (I will fill in the blank LATER...LOL) Did you hear that 'WOW' too??? LOL...I don't think I'm going to go into the boring details of what I eat for each meal, stuff like that. I think I will just post my weight and weight losses, maybe some moods and thoughts so that you can see my ups and downs and where the struggles will be, and eventually pictures, whenever I notice a few pounds of weight loss. So until that happens, I will see you next post!!!

August 31, 2001 ~Went and saw Christie for a couple hours last night, because she has the information on the Points Program from Weight Watchers. I wanted to check it out before I go to my first meeting on Monday...seems like it will be very easy to follow...although I'm still not too sure about the points thing. The way it works is, the more you weigh, the more points you can have. Guess I'm used to the ideals that if you are overweight, you get LESS than everyone we'll see how it works. I am excited to go and get started...only a couple more days!! I'm ready NOW!!

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