Weigh-in Day…

Down 4.5 this week :) I’m so excited :) I have update my weight chart now, although a few weigh-ins are not there, it shows the gain that I had over a months time or better, and now my latest loss and current weight. I am going to stick with updating it weekly so it doesn’t look like I’m all over the place.

Hopefully next week will be as productive :) I’m doing my best and it’s going really well :)

!! WOOT !!

Another day chalked up to awesome eating and moving :) It is not quite 8:00 p.m. and I have 10,720 steps cranked out on my pedometer and I still need to hit Lippy tonight…how awesome is that?!?!

My eating today was awesome again, and even though my official weigh-in isn’t until Saturday, this morning I was down 5 lbs. from Monday morning. All this time, nothing was happening, now all of a sudden it’s like it’s MELTING…I don’t wanna get all cocky here about it, because we all know it can stop whenever it feels it doesn’t want to bring me joy anymore, but for now, I’m running with it…

I had a few long e-mails with Mel the other night. I’m following WW and she’s doing Atkins. I have been watching my points (although not filling them with the greatest choices), and until these past couple of days, was losing NOTHING. So I wrote to Mel and asked her some basics of Atkins, with the low-carb stuff and all. I wanted to combine the two in some way. Lower carbs, but still healthy lower-fat choices. Didn’t seem very do-able after seeing what all is allowed in Atkins, but I did decide that I am going to cut out any unnecessary carbs. Breads and pastas are going to be very limited, and junk food is just plain not allowed. And I’m telling you, already it’s WORKING. I’m a carb-addict for sure. That in itself wreaks havoc on my system. The PCOS does enough damage, but having the carbs/sugars just plain do me in. So I haven’t been anal about it, but basically what I have done the past 3 days is not had any unnecessary carbs. I did have a small amount of spaghetti last night for dinner and leftovers of it for lunch today, but that has been about all that I have had.

I also had read a few journals of people that are also doing WW and after doing WW for awhile, they were seeing the stalls and cutting their points back a little or adding a couple more points per day to stir things up. I have been keeping mine about 5 points lower per day also. I know I won’t be able to stay at that low of a point target for a long time, but for now, it’s seem to have jumped-started my body again. I remember when I was going to WW meetings they handed out a 20-point per day menu sheet that they said if you hit a stall you could lower your points for a week to get things going again, as long as you didn’t go below 20 points per day. Guess I needed a little change.

As for the ’secret’ I’ve been keeping, I’m also wondering if that is contributing to the changes all of a sudden too. If you remember me talking about it when I first mentioned it here, I said I had to do it for at least 30 days to see the changes start. Saturday will be 30 days. So that definitely could be a big factor in what’s going on right now too. I PROMISE on Saturday I will sit down here and get all the info together for you, along with what changes/results I am seeing, and spill it all :) :)

The gift of life…

Today I gave blood…for the first time in 15 years. I was a senior in high school the last time I had given blood. Not that I haven’t wanted to do it again, just never have. Today I did. My one pint of blood can save up to 3 lives. How COOL is that?!?! Doesn’t get much cooler.

Another plus of giving blood? Scale is friendlier. Too bad you can’t do it daily.

I have been getting frustrated the past couple of weeks because I’m at a stand still…this morning I woke up to 3 lbs. lighter and yet tonight I’m down another from this morning. And it’s ‘my time’ of the month…no WONDER it was up for the past week. You would think, me being FEMALE and all, I would REMEMBER this each month when I see the scale go up or stay still and my jeans feel not-s0-comfy, that it’s THAT TIME…I mean it’s only been happening since I was 12?!?!? Yeah, 20 years of this monthly crap, and I STILL freak and don’t remember why the scale would stay still…could be the polish in me…who knows

Easy day

Not a whole lot to report today. I am doing awesome with my points and just need to get my butt back on Lippy.

We’re ordering pizza tonight. Domino’s pizza. Their thin crust is THEE best. I get a thin crust pizza with garlic sauce instead of pizza sauce and tomatoes and mushrooms for toppings. It’s 3 points for 1/8 of the pizza. Tonight I have plenty of points that I can actually have 2/3 of the pizza :) Thin crust is so not filling, it’s not like eating 2/3 of a regular pizza. Especially theirs, I haven’t found a pizza place YET that has crust as thin and crunchy as Domino’s :) It’s yummy…

As for the ’secret’ I am doing, I haven’t talked about it at all yet, but within the next week I will, even though I don’t think I’m going to see the results I was shooting for. We’ll see :)

I have been struggling lately with what I can do to get my weight loss rolling again, and I always seem to come back to JOURNALING…duh…so that’s it for me…journaling & Lippy…how can I go wrong???

New Food Find :)

I weighed in this morning, and I’m a perfect maintain, yet again. HOW?? Maybe Mel’s right…I’m not eating enough…I also haven’t been journaling at all…and that is a definitely HAVE TO DO kinda thing. So I cracked open my journal, clicked my pen, and got to it first thing this morning…every bite will be tracked, and maybe that will possibly tell me where my stalling is coming from.

Have a new food find that is completely awesome and low in points ;) It’s ice cream…my one downfall…It’s Breyer’s brand, and it’s called Heart Smart. It is 98% FF, no sugar added, and works out to 1 point per 1/2 cup. It’s really high in fiber for ice cream which helps the points, but it is completely awesome. I got the Chocolate Fudge Brownie flavor (Hey, I’ve had to give up S:blush:X for almost 4 weeks, I deserve SOMETHING…) and it is the perfect fix to a sweet craving and so low in points!

Gonna get busy on the house today…do the little things I couldn’t keep up on during the week. My mom is finally back from vacation, so my work hours will be back to normal which will give me about 2 extra hours each night to get a few more things done :)

Clint called me yesterday and told me that he got a call from a guy at the plant he’s at and was checking on how he’s coping being away from home and all by himself, then asked how me and the girls were coping. The guy told Clint to have me pick a great place for dinner (I’m SOOOO thinking Red Lobster) and take the girls AND my parents out for dinner, keep the receipt and they will reimburse us immediately. He told him that I need some time away from all the stress and go and relax and treat myself also…how awesome is that?!?!?! I was floored…so I can’t wait till then :)


Looks like Greymatter is working ok, but for some reason, some of my entries from 2003 are now below this entry…but I do see some of my old archives re-appearing at the bottom…so thank you jana, whatever you may be doing :) I’m happy to see my archives back :) Just click the ‘april 2005′ link to read the most recent entries till it’s all straightened out :) I’ll be back soon as I can with a real update…I’m just plain wore out…Here’s my typical day now that I’m doing it ALL…

5:30 a.m. - Wake up, head to the barn to feed the animals
5:45 a.m. - Shower
6:00 a.m. - 7:45 a.m. Getting myself and girls ready for school and work (lunches packed, bags packed, all that good stuff)
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. - Get Abbie to school, head to work. At 2:30 I leave work to go and pick Abbie up from school then go back to work until 5:00 p.m.
5:30 p.m. - Get home, head to the barn to feed animals and clean the barn and every 4th day I have to drive a tractor FULL of maneur (for the life I me, I can’t figure out how to spell that word…cow poop) and empty it in the woods, by hand.

It’s probably 6:30 or better when all that is done, then I get to get dinner done, get the kids baths, do dishes, a couple loads of laundry and it’s about 9:30 or 10:00 before I get to bed, then back at it again the next day. And this is all as long as I don’t have anywhere to stop after work, like getting groceries or Wal-mart…So, you can plainly see my reasons for not being here faithfully lately…I’m avoiding the scale, as it’s almost TOM and I haven’t really been eating all that much…no time to…hahah…anyways, I WILL have a regular posting sometime soon I hope…don’t EVER start to think I have given up :) Shame on whoever posted that in a comment…hahaha…just teasin…I’m ALWAYS here…you’re stuck with me :)


Just testing new greymatter

Tuesday update…

Greymatter is acting goofy, and for some reason is not letting my archives come up. It only has April entries showing, so if you are trying to access the last few entries and can’t, I’m sure they will be back soon. Hopefully. When they do show, for some reason they are showing in an old purple scheme. I will try and fix that so it’s more readable.

On to today. Did awesome. I am under points (by 5) but ate more than plenty for sure. I tackled the Lipster again tonight and did 22 minutes, .988 miles, and burned 414.1 calories. Not too shabby. Only had time for one run on her, hopefully I can work in two runs tomorrow.

I don’t want to jinx anything, but as of this morning, I was down 3 lbs. from Sunday. AMAZING loss. This is not something I normally do, but I’m REALLY pushing for a 6-7 lbs. loss by Saturday morning. I have been seriously watching my food/points, drinking tons of green tea and water, and exercising like a maniac. It can be done and I’m doing my best to make it happen :)

It IS April, is it not?!?!?!

Last week we were at 70 degrees. Last night and today? We now have over 2 FEET of snow on the ground. Lovely.

Today was kick @$$ for me. I did tremendous on my food intake, and even more amazing on my exercise. On Lippy today, I managed 624.8 calories burned (195.2 fat calories), 1.546 miles, and a total of 32:51 minutes. I split this into two separate workouts today and this was my total. That is awesome. It is working better for me if I keep each run on Lippy at around 20 minutes (today, each run was just over 16 minutes each). I don’t experience the foot numbness at all. 30 minutes at a time is too much for my body when that is happeneing, so the 20 minutes works perfect.

I have a secret. There is something I am doing, trying, and hopefully will love the results of, and I need to give it at LEAST one month to measure my results. I won’t give the details until I know for sure the outcome. I have read and researched this new secret of mine, and started it. I will give all the details and results (and possibly photos if I feel brave enough) on or around April 30. How rotten of me to mention it and not spill, huh? Truthfully, it’s only because there is so much ‘hype’ about so many things in the diet world and I truly get sick of hearing about all the ‘magic’ things that can make you lose weight so quickly, and yet they never work. This is something that’s not well-known, and not talked about much at all unless you are looking for this specific topic, so I want it to stay that way (here at least) until I see the actual results that it can bring. Then I will also explain all of the benefits as well. I will tell you this…it’s not a diet pill.