Yaaay!!! I was down 2.8 lbs. tonight :) That puts me at 54.8 lbs. total :) :) 55 LBS!!! I’m so freaking on top of the world tonight…the numbers just keep moving downward!!! I haven’t seen these numbers on the scale, in I can’t even TELL you how long!!! I have NEVER lost this much weight in my entire life, and I’m really feeling like there IS a light at the end of this tunnel :) :) :)

I don’t really have much else to chat about tonight, but I wanted to post my latest weigh-in for ya’ll :) :)

MUCH better today

Last night and today have been SO much better and no more soreness…I must have really done some damage with the pain being so bad and lingering for so long…crazy!!!

I spent tonight grouting a new hearth that we built in the living room. We bought a Pellet Stove about a month ago while they were on sale, and are now working on getting it installed. So, the hearth is now done and adorable and my hands are dry and stiff Kinda did a number on my skin…I will post pictures when we have it in :)

Doing AWESOME on my eating again…FEELING so much better again about it all…especially today when I put on a XL shirt and it FIT and LOOKS good on!!! That’s right only ONE ‘X’ in the size :) I am actually more comfortable with my body now too…my hips and stomach still suck, but down my sides to my waist and my legs I’m VERY happy with the changes…

So, tomorrow is weigh-in and I’m sure there will be a loss, but I’m not going to say how much *yet* because I don’t want to jinx myself…LOL…so, I will post again tomorrow night after I get back :) It won’t be till late though, because I am doing the gym right after meeting, and come to find out, our Subway has brought back ‘Two For Tuesday’!!! So that’s what we’re doing for dinner tomorrow…I haven’t had Subway in MONTHS because they got rid of *TFT* and I got mad…hahahha…so now it’s back and SO AM I :) :) :)

Til tomorrow ;) :)


You don’t even understand how BAD I hurt. I haven’t been able to hardly WALK after Tuesday nights’ Elliptical BUTT-KICKING!!! I can’t hardly get down to sit on the potty, and getting up is an even bigger joke. The entire front of the tops of my legs are hurt SO badly. I truly overdid it. I have never felt muscle pain like this. Stairs?!?!?! They are a COMPLETE joke…one step at a time…*ouching* each step…I can sit with my legs out-stretched and I can stand for awhile, but then the sore muscles get tired and I have to groan and grimace while I try and sit again…hahahaha…it IS kinda funny, but it’s SOOOO painful…I will NEVER do that machine for that long again, but I WILL do it again. I want to MASTER that stupid thing for causing me all this pain. It will NOT snicker at ME when I walk through those doors next time (Well, maybe it will a LITTLE). All of this after just 3 freakin minutes on that stupid thing.

I did, however, manage to walk one mile today. I was bummed that I couldn’t handle the full 2 miles that I normally do, but one mile was enough for these poor legs…they were really weak. I just figured, I can’t sit around on my butt waiting for the pain to go away, so I figured if I walked it may loosen up the muscles a bit.

Today is DEFINITELY better than yesterday…yesterday I could barely even walk …*Do I hear violins playing?!?!?!*

Other than that, I’m doing really well. Today was Clint’s birthday, and last night we ’surprise’ celebrated at our friends house, and I did have a small piece of cake and a little ice cream. Oh well. No biggie…I’m doing awesome again today, and most definitely am determined to show a loss this week. No matter how small it may be. It’s gonna be a LOSS.

OH!!! and we were at my parents house tonight and I haven’t seen my dad in…oh a week I think…and tonight he commented on how he could really see a difference in my face again! I just LOVE comments like that…it happened at my cousin’s house last week too…some friends were there that we haven’t seen and one of them asked me if I was still losing weight, and that he could really see it in my face :) What better motivation could there be???? :) :)

Weigh-In Day

Well…I didn’t weigh…I have been at a maintain all week and really wasn’t wanting to go in…weigh…be ‘blah’ about a 2 week maintain…so I didn’t weigh…I know…I suck…

But…the Community Center where the meetings are held also has a gym, so while the meeting was going on, and for an hour AFTER the meeting was over, I was working out in the gym :) I earned myself 11 Activity points :) So, just so you know, I’m NOT quitting, it was just one week that I didn’t want to weigh…

I’m back on track and feeling great about that…I hate the days when you go overboard and you feel SO miserable…and I can see a difference when I have days like that and overeat…and I didn’t even indulge as I would have before starting weight watchers…and even so, I felt like I wanted to throw up from all the food and crap that I ate…just that couple of days…what a difference, and I realized that I never realized I hadn’t had that feeling in a LONG time…I HATED that feeling…so, lesson learned, and I’m back on track…

Workout tonight - I *tried* the Eliptical machine, and I use the term *tried* VERY lightly…HAHAHAHA…You girls that work this machine, I am BOWING to you as we speak…I’M NOT WORTHY!!! That stinking thing kicked my butt in 3 MINUTES!!!!!!!! hahahaha…I felt SO stupid..there was one girl in there when I got there and she was on a treadmill facing me (right next to me) and I asked her if she had ever used one, and she hadn’t…so after I finally figured out how to get the thing going, I was doing it for about 15 seconds, and had to stop as my legs were aching…then I would start again, and have to take a quick break again to give my legs a rest…well SERIOUSLY 3 minutes later (the clock on the thing told me)….I was DONE…I couldn’t even lift my leg over the bar in the middle that goes between the pedals…and the thing is only a couple of inches high…hahaha…so, by this time, there was one other girl on another treadmill plus the one that was already there, and here I am, hanging on to the Elliptical machine for dear life so I didn’t hit the floor…I had to stand there and not move for a few MINUTES…my knees kept wanting to give out on me…so once I could finally maneuver myself around, and trying not to make eye contact with the other girls there for fear of SEEING their giggles…hahah…I got on the treadmill, did over 2 miles and then hit the weight machines…I’m SOOO weak feeling tonight it’s hilarious…I thought my legs were SO strong from all the walking I do, and feeling good about that, then the stinkin machine kicks my butt…I want to build up to doing that machine though…I WILL NOT LET IT TAKE ME!!! HAHAHAHA…

Megan had her 1 year check up today and they LAUGHED when they weighed her and measured her…she has grown 5 inches and gained 4 lbs. since her 9 month check-up…they couldn’t believe it…she is now as tall as her 2 year old cousin…hahaha…guess that’s what having a 6′3″ daddy and a 6′0″ mommy does to ya :) So, she is BARELY on the chart (at the very TOP) for height and in the 25th % for weight since she is so tall…hhahaha…she’s doing great…but they had a couple of things they were a bit concerned about, so we spent the day in the hospital today doing x-rays…was a LONG stressful day, and I’m SO glad that clint kept the girls and I could go work out tonight…that was an awesome stress reliever, and much needed.

So, that’s my update…sorry for the novel…

Not the best of days

eating, I mean. Today was Megan’s 1st birthday party and it was an awesome day…family, friends…what more could you ask for? How about NO cake, NO ice cream, NO sloppy joes, NO hot dogs…Yeah, I could have asked for all of that…instead, I had a day of no eating until the party, then I had one hot dog with the bun, some baked lays, and split a piece of birthday cake with my cousin, who is also doing WW, and had a 2 pt. Klondike ice cream sandwich (Low fat and sugar free)…then later had a sloppy joe sandwich…so, all in all, not GOOD food choices but definitely below points for the day…

Feeling kinda ‘blah’ about my eating lately, even though I have been sticking with my points…I haven’t had a chance to hit the fruit market lately though, so the choices I have in the house, aren’t the greatest, and I think that I really have been ‘LEARNING’ how to eat…and not having GOOD things to choose in the house, really makes me feel as though I’m failing…that, and the fact that my scale hasn’t moved much…kinda bummed about that too…

I haven’t exercised much since Friday…I know it’s only Sunday, and I need to have a couple days off a week, but I don’t like my ‘off’ days…I have become so addicted to exercising, that I feel, again, like a failure if I don’t exercise. I am looking forward to AFTER this week’s weigh in though, because my cousin (who I mentioned above splitting the cake with me) and her mom (my aunt) have both joined WW and every Tuesday after our meeting (which is held at our Community Center, and has a nice gym) we are all 3 going to stay after and work out in the gym…I’m REALLY excited because I FINALLY know now what an Eliptical machine is!!!!!! Pathetic, aye?? I have a couple of my very favorite ‘reads’ that always talk about their workouts on the Eliptical and I now know what they are talking about…this thing looks SO awesome…I cannot WAIT for this Tuesday and try it out myself :) I’m sure once I get on it, 5 minutes later I will be whooped, but SO WHAT?!?!? I wanna work on this thing and CONQUER it!!! It looks so simple, yet SO fun and gentle on the knees :)

OH…before I forget you HAVE to go and read this page…it’s hysterical (the pictures and descriptions are anyways) Weight Watchers recipe cards from 1974…go read…laugh…come back…

K…how FUNNY was that?!?!? I can’t even IMAGINE eating that stuff…ROFL

Took Clint to Cleveland last night to the Palace Theatre to see ‘STOMP’…what an AMAZING show!!!! I don’t think I quit smiling the ENTIRE show!!!!! The things this group comes up with to play music on / make a song out of was completely….WOW….We went to the 5:00 p.m. show and it lasted an hour and a half, and I SERIOUSLY wanted to go and buy tickets AGAIN and stay for the 9:00 p.m. show to see it again…If you EVER get the chance to go and see this, DO!!!! You won’t regret it!!! :) :) :0

10 Things To Remember to Help You Lose Weight

Found these HERE

However much fiber you think you’re getting, double it.

Ditto for green leafy vegetables.

Fat is not your enemy, junk food is. They’re not the same thing.

All carbs are not bad. But you’re probably eating way too much of the ones that are.

Bagels are not a health food.

If it has ingredients you can’t pronounce, throw it out.

Respect the fact that your metabolism is different from everyone else’s, and as unique as your fingerprint. Learn to work with it.

Try not to think in terms of “bad” and “good.” Most foods, like most people, are a mix of the two. With that balance in mind, ask yourself if this food serves your purpose and empowers you. If it doesn’t, don’t eat it.

If you can’t use all of these suggestions, use as many of them as you can. Or if you can’t do them all the time, try to do them as often as you can.

Relax, get enough sleep and don’t postpone joy.


Sorry I haven’t been too chatty here lately…things are pretty busy getting ready for Megan’s first Birthday this Sunday. I did all my running today for decorations/plates/cups/etc. and got her cake ordered. We are doing Winnie the Pooh….it’s really sweet…so I got her gifts today, and we’re all set except for food and I will go Saturday for stuff to make.

Megan is teething again and running a fever off and on all day today…so she wasn’t much fun to shop with today…LOL…she was a trooper though :)

On the weight loss part…still perfect OP, and not having trouble sticking to my target points at all…I’m actually ENJOYING feeling hungry in between eating…weird…I used to HATE that grumbly feeling…now I look forward to it…that’s really helping me, and I’m learning those signs and signals from my body that I NEED food, not that I WANT food…I have really been learning alot lately on this stretch of my journey…and I’m finding that I really am learning a LIFESTYLE now and becoming accustomed to it…LOVIN’ LIFE at the moment :) :)


Well, good news/bad news…Didn’t gain/Didn’t lose…PERFECT maintain…I was kinda bummed at first, but then my leader explained to me that that WILL happen after a huge loss like I had last week :) I lost 5.6 last week…so after she talked to me about that, I was ok…I did use a few of my flex points this last week (actually in the last 2 days) because I had those ‘can’t get enough to eat’ days again…same time every month…

It’s so weird that after this weight loss, I can actually ‘read’ my body again…things really do happen on regular cycles (not meaning just my cycle either)…it’s the same feelings/hunger/energy happening the same time every month…that is SUCH an awesome feeling for me, to finally be feeling/seeing myself as ‘normal’…never thought the day would come when I would feel that way…’normal’…

At the meeting we talked about attaining our goals…Here’s what she wrote:

You may have anything you want in life provided that you…
1. Know exactly what you want.
2. Want it badly enough.
3. Confidently expect to attain it.
4. Persistently determined to obtain it.
5. Are willing to pay the price of it’s attainment.

So, basically if you have a positive, specific goal and you DO want it and you DO try, you will achieve it!! So, she passed out some 3 x 5 index cards and asked whoever wanted to participate, to write your name on the card and write a specific goal that you wanted to reach by Thanksgiving…that is 10 weeks away…So, I participated, and my goals are to lose 20 lbs. and drop 2 sizes by Thanksgiving…that would make me at 225 and in a size 16. Now, I haven’t weighed 225 since BEFORE I got married to Clint almost 11 years ago…that would be SUCH an awesome thing for me!!

So, I’m going to make a Thanksgiving Goal page on my main LessLisa page and update it each week and hit that Thanksgiving goal :) :) Should be up later tonight hopefully :) :)

Busy Day

Wanna see how I spent my Saturday so far??? ** Click Right Here To See ** I’m actually really happy how it turned out…as you can see, I’m not much afraid of color :) I have to tell you though, the walls don’t really ‘glow’ as the look like they do in the pictures…haha…the color is ‘Lava Orange’…I absolutely LOVE the color orange…and getting to paint the girls bathroom in that color is awesome to me :) It’s such a *Happy* color :) :) So, I’m excited with the outcome…just wish the bathroom was a bit bigger so I could get wider shots of it all :)

Nothing much happening here…eating is still awesome, I’m down already from Tuesday…not to jinx myself, BUT right now I am at the LOWEST I have been in YEARS!!!! So, I AM below VFT :) :)

Hope you all are having a GREAT weekend!!! I’m off to finishing canning MORE spaghetti sauce!!!


Wow, yesterday I was dancin’ around the house with the girls (usual here…LOL) and was smackin my leg to the beat and GUESS WHAT?!?!?! My legs aren’t FLABBY!!!! How pathetic is this entry?!?!? ROFL…Seriously though, when I hit my leg, it was like, WHOA!!!! And the clincher was the very top of the back of my legs (right under my butt) is where I can REALLY feel a difference!!! There is no more ‘bulge’ there! I’m so floored it’s unreal!!! All this walking is FINALLY paying off, and not just in the weight loss, but the shape of my body! I’m so excited :)

I added more ‘I’ve lost XXX lbs!!’ blinkies to the blinkies list :) Just click on ‘Blinkies 4 U’ link (above) and there are now blinkies that cover up to 120 lbs. loss!!! If you need them to go higher (I will work on them eventually) but if you need them in higher amounts right now, just let me know and I’ll get them done :)

Staying OP is easier than ever right now…*knock on wood*…it’s amazing that as long as I don’t let myself think it’s ok to slip one day (usually the night of weigh-in) that I can stay on track SO well!! It’s been almost 2 weeks now with being perfect OP and I feel AWESOME!!! I can tell that this is going to continue, and even though it may sound like a cliche or a ‘yeah right’, THIS is going to be the time that I DO this and hit GOAL!!!!!