Well, I’m not as happy as I could have been, but I was still down. I was down 0.6 lbs. I’m not real sure how, as I walked over 15 miles in the past week alone, plus was on plan really good. Even on my HUNGRY days…I have a sneaking suspicion that TOM is coming though, so that could be…who knows…but hey, the numbers are going in a downward motion, so fine by me :) :)

More info on Flex Points

I have weigh-in tonight and I’m excited, both because I am down on the scale AND I get my new info in my hands on the Flex Points. Can’t wait…I need something to shake things up a bit.

I have new clothes coming again today from JCPenneys…my parents gave me a gift certificate for there for my birthday…so I can’t wait :) Clint came home about an hour late last night, and come to find out, he spent that hour at Wal-Mart finding me an AWESOME digital camera!!!! (My other b-day present from him) Could NOT believe it. I have wanted one since FOREVER. I always want to sell clothes, baby clothes, etc. on Ebay and I’m SO bad about having film developed, that it would take me forever to be able to do that. Plus I haven’t put new pictures up on my site in awhile, so once I figure this little thing out and I’m down a bit more, I’m going to post some new pictures :) :) So excited :) :)

The page I’m doing with all the tips and tricks of watching your weight is just about complete. Maybe tonight I will get it uploaded and ready for ya…there’s over 170 tips on this page…so it’ll be alot of reading, but I have done ALOT of reading for a long time to gather all this info. So, hopefully it will be beneficial for you :)

I just found this on the WW site. It tells a bit more about the new Flex Points. Here is some of the info posted, for those of you who were interested.

All foods have a POINTS� value.

And you are assigned a POINTS Target based on your weight.

You can eat the foods you love as long as you hit your POINTS� Target based on your weight.

Earn Activity POINTS� by exercising and you can swap them for food.

In addition, you have a reserve of 35 FlexPoints to spend throughout the week, however you like.

With FlexPoints, keeping track is easy � no weighing foods and no special foods to buy.

Use your 35 FlexPoints when you need to face a food challenge
- OR -
Choose to not use all of your FlexPoints and boost your weight loss.

Research shows that even a modest weight-loss can help reduce risks and illnesses associated with obesity.

Learn the skills to make smart eating decisions and lasting changes for a healthy lifestyle.

I’ll be back after weigh-in :) :)

Down again and Blogs

Well, I’m sure most of you in the dieting-blog community have heard of the article that was being done for the New York Times on Diet Blogs…alot of people that I *know* on the net were contacted and interviewed for this article…and it’s out today :) Check it out!!
Finding Comfort in Strangers With An Online Diet Journal

As for my scale…it’s back down…musta been a fluke gain…hopefully tomorrow will be just peachy :) :)

I’m SOOO excited about the new Flex Points Program…I have had alot of people questioning about what I know about it. Basically, here is what I know…Instead of having your 5 pt. range (e.g. 22-26) you will have a set number which is, I believe, 2 points above your lowest in your range…so if you were in the 22-26 range, your target number is 24. You are to eat that number EVERY day. Then on top of that, you have 35 ‘Flex Points’ to use within the week. Once the week is up, you can no longer use them. The nice thing here is, you can use them however you want…you can use 5 FP’s a day or you can save all of them and use them in one shot for a night out on the town. It doesn’t matter. And when you count your points and journal them, the new ‘journals’ are more of a checkbook style journal. And now, instead of adding up the points you have used, you will start the day with your points and each time you have something to eat, you subtract it from the balance of points you have for the day, then adding in any Activity points or Flex Points that you might decide to use. Therefore you have a ‘debit/credit’ type of deal like the checkbook. It sounds awesome, and everyone has had good to say about it so far :)

Oh…and if you have tried to send me an e-mail any time since Saturday, I did not receive it, just so you know. My internet provider had some problems and when I finally got to get my mail late last night, I received 2….so I KNOW that a ton of mail was lost, because I usually average 40-60 a day between junk mail, my groups I’m in and personal ones…so don’t feel bad if I don’t write back…I just never got them

New recipes added :)

I updated my main site last night, and added a few new recipes. I’m working on some new tips/tricks for staying active and avoiding food…hopefully will have that up in a few days.

Quiet here again today…Clint is still working 12’s from the blackout…so it’s just me and the girls. I think we are going to run to the grocery store and get a cake mix to make cupcakes and some FF ice cream to celebrate my 31st bday today. I had such a hard time last year with turning 30, and this year really doesn’t feel as big of a deal…just going to be a quiet one at home :)

The scale is UP a little this morning I’m NOT happy about that…I have been right on track and eating at my lowest/mid range. I do believe that I need to be eating UNDER my lowest number to lose though…I was seeing larger constant losses when I wasn’t filling my points…I’m going to try for that today and see what the scale looks like tomorrow…hopefully it’s better :)

I did my 3 mile WATP tape last night…I haven’t even put that one in since before I was pregnant with Megan…and I did the WHOLE thing! I was sweating and moving and felt awesome :) It was definitely a better overall workout than just my 2 miles I walk 3-5 times per week…it made me stay at a good pace…I have a great walking CD but some of the songs are a bit slower beat than others and I tend to walk according to the beat…so this kept me at a steady pace. I finally saw the infomercial on Body Flex this morning…I’m seriously thinking of ordering this as it seems awesome ( http://www.bodyflex.com )…I’m waiting for a few replies from the people at Dotti’s to see how they like it (the ones who have it) and go from there…but you lose an average of 7 inches in the first week…it tells you you can lose 4-14 inches in the first week…and it’s all aerobic breathing and resistance training…the kit comes with 2 videos, a tape measure, and the gym bar, plus a carrying bag and some other stuff…not too bad :) So I’m anxious to hear some feedback on it. If anyone reading here has this and has tried it or is doing it, please let me know what you think!! :)

Reads & Hunger

I added a BUNCH of new reads to my list FINALLY…there are SO many new journals out there from women that have jumped on the weight-loss wagon :) :) It’s awesome to see so many people getting active!!! Love it!

Now on to HUNGER…sheesh…I wanna take back my ‘I can’t fill my points’ comment in the worst way…I know that it is almost TOM, and that’s the reason, but STILL…I was doing SO good eating pretty evenly throughout the day, then yesterday hit…I was seriously HUNGRY all day…grumbly stomach and all…so I downed some water, not satisfying…chewed some gum…STILL not satisfying…Good news is, I never went over in points…but MAN was it a tough day…I even was awaken last night by my grumbly stomach…that NEVER happens…

Even though it was hard not to eat, I am finding myself LIKING the ‘hungry-grumbly’ feeling…weird huh? Instead of eating all day everyday out of pure boredom…I’m finding myself waiting for that grumble…I’m not eating just because it’s ‘time’ (e.g. dinner is ready…I’m awake now, that means breakfast, etc.) I made meatloaf and mashed potatoes last night because Clint has been wanting it (he is SO good with eating what I can have mostly…but sometimes he still wants that meat)…and I never had a BITE of it…still haven’t…I just wasn’t hungry…it’s a really motivating feeling…I’m not feeling ‘consumed’ by food…like, it’s there, gotta eat it…hopefully I won’t be eating those words in a week also (no pun intended)…but it’s a real NSV (non-scale victory) for me…I’m not feeling like food is controlling ME…I’M controlling the food!!!


DOWN 3.8 :) :) :) I’m SO excited :) I am SO psyched that I’m back on the ball…I have had such a THIN-feeling day today…my shorts that I always wear kept FALLING DOWN…I have at LEAST 2″ in the waist TOO BIG…I feel AMAZING today :) :) :) :)


Had to dodge-em today…I just got back from a 2 mile walk (at my best time so far, I might add, YAY)…and it was like running hurdles with all the goose poops…LOL…there’s a pond near the track where I walk, so the geese do like to hang out…guess the grass isn’t good enough for their tooshes to poo in…so I had to dodge em…bet you’re glad you stopped here today :) LOL

But yeah, my best 2 mile time yet :) So…what else…hmmm…well, I have been getting some really great comments/tags/emails again :) Seems you all are like me, when there is actually something HAPPENING with someone’s weight loss, you seem to be a bit more involved :) So I thank you all for all the great pep-talks and advice, and even those seeking help and advice…I love it :)

Scale is still my friend as of this morning :) But I am wondering what my *official* weigh-in will be tomorrow…I KNOW I have lost a few *wink* but I forgot that I have been weighing myself first thing in the morning at home, and my meeting is at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow…I hope that doesn’t make a big difference on the numbers…I am going to stop eating after I have my lunch tomorrow at noon, and stop all water after 2:00 p.m. And make sure I pee before hand too…LOL…It should be good :) I’m excited :) Then NEXT week is when they launch the new Flext Points…the new program :) I’m very interested and anxious for that meeting to see ALL the details :) I know the basics now of what this new program is going to be, and it’s not much different, but I have read on the ‘net of some people’s leaders having all the info, and trying it, and one leader was even at a plateau, and just doing this new Flex Points thing, she dropped over 5 lbs. in the first week of trying it (can’t remember where I read that one) So it should be good…

Clint has been working SO many hours since that blackout we had…he’s at a chemical company and they had some major problems with the styrene freezing up, and now another major setback they are working on, so Saturday he put in 13 hours of overtime and yesterday 12 hours…he doesn’t work weekends usually so both days are complete overtime, which will be nice money-wise, but he’s whooped by the time he gets home…and he’ll probably be pulling 12 hours all this week, and possibly next weekend also…so things are going to be pretty dull around here without him around as much

Hope this finds you all doing wonderful on your journeys!!! I have found quite a few new journals out there of women that are starting their journeys online too, so I hope to have you all added to my reads soon :) There are some really great people out there :) :) ):

New Color

I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that the writing was so hard to read here…thanks for the comments :) I hope this color is better now :)

Wow, I had such a busy day…I have only used 10 points I’m having a hard time this round of WW, getting all of my points in…on Thursday, I banked 12 points…today, if I don’t eat before bed I will bank 18 points…I will probably have a bowl of cereal and toast before bed, so that will put me at 13 banked points…I’m also having a hard time, because, you know how you FINALLY get your mind in the right mind-set to just DO THIS, and it consumes you??? That’s how I feel…I’m SO gung-ho about succeeding and doing this RIGHT NOW that I am having a hard time even eating anything…I feel like if I just stay busy, I won’t want to eat, but then by the time dinner comes, I realize I have *forgotten* to eat, and have to fill my points before bed…

I know I can’t continue doing this because my metabolism will slow down dramatically and I will quit losing…and also it’s my first week again of really following my points, but I can’t believe how MUCH the scale is moving!!! As of this morning I am down 5 lbs :) So, although I’m loving the numbers, I know I can’t keep not eating…I just had my cereal, and now I’m muching on 2 servings (4 pts) of Baked Lays…that puts me at 10 banked points…that’s a little better :)

On the Dark Side

Yep, we were in the power outage…horrible…it was SO hot and muggy But we survived it just fine…:) It’s SOOO weird not having the simple things though…you walk in a room and still automatically hit a light switch, etc. LOL…all in all it was kinda nice though…no tv’s, no computer, no noise…just US…together :)

Let’s talk scales…I was on mine yet again today…I can’t help it…it’s moving SO much, that I’m hooked…LOL…ok…I weighed in officially Tuesday night at 5:00 p.m. I weighed myself this morning (Friday)…which means just 2-1/2 days later, and I’m down 4 LBS!!!!!!!!!!!! ROFL…I’m SO stinkin excited about next Tuesday, I’m bustin…LOL…so I was 254.4 on Tuesday, and my scale at home is showing me at 250 and teetered on 250.5…so I’m considering it 4 lbs. as my scale only reads 1/2 lbs. not 10ths…could be a bit over 4 :) :)

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Old Habits Die Hard

Wow…I seem to be mighty chatty lately, aye??? LOL…Well, I got my new clothes delivered today…I just went in to try them on. Now, if you remember, I had ordered 2 shirts and pants that were to fit me right now, and a Cardigan zip up sweater a size small so that I could fit in it by fall…oh and a bra…but that is fine…LOL…well, the 2 shirts and capris that are supposed to fit me now are HUGE…holy moly!!! I couldn’t believe it!!! It is the same size I ALWAYS order from JCPenneys…I’m still like WOW…so, I am going to return those and get a size smaller…and then the cardigan that is supposed to fit my by fall FITS NOW!!!! ROFL…I’m in complete shock right now…LOL…

Although I wasn’t seeing the pounds come off, I WAS seeing inches going down as I wrote here before, but I haven’t tried on any new clothes what-so-ever and am SHOCKED now that I see the actual difference!!! I even wore a pair of jean shorts yesterday that I haven’t been able to wear…they give that ‘camel-toe’ effect because they are so tight??!?!? (give you wedgies, not just in the rear…ROFL)…and I put them on yesterday to try them because it’s the only pair of jean shorts I own that aren’t WAY too small right now, and I couldn’t believe it…

I think I have talked about this a long time ago here, but do any of you believe in mind over matter??? Like you can MAKE your body do something??? Like losing the weight…I swear, when I start feeling positive and have that ‘I can do it’ mode happening, I lose like incredibly fast…and when I get all down and nasty on myself, I gain or maintain…might be coincidence, but I am beginning to truly believe that I can control myself AND my body :) :) Something to ponder :) :)