Quick Post

Not alot of time right now for a full report/update…but I AM going to be back on the scale every week from now on…I had a nice break from it, and feel I need to get a bit serious about it again, and I can’t do that if I’m not weighing in…Right now I am at 251…that is up, I think, from my last weigh in noted in my Less Lisa site, but it is a loss from 256 that I was back up to for a while there…so I have gained, and lost again, and will continue to lose again from here on out :)

I’m getting alot of e-mails from people that have only visited my main site, not reading here for updates, so I am going to work on my main page again today to get my charts updated and back to working right :) Right now, I think it looks like it has been deserted which is FAR from what is going on…

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this past week, Megan and I were in Rainbow’s Babies and Children’s hospital for her seizures…she had her Video EEg done and we get the results back HOPEFULLY this week…does look as though it IS seizures though…we just need to find out what kind and what can be done…very stressful to say the least…good news though…I DID lose weight while at the hospital…no clue how, but it helped…probably the stress more than anything…

So, things are getting back to normal here…and hopefully I will be to…I feel bad that I haven’t been able to keep up with things on my site, but I’m going to try my darndest from here on out :) :)

Meggie’s Update

Sorry this has been more on a personal level here lately, instead of weight-related…things are just the same with my Weight Watchers…doing really well journaling and staying in points…although my water intake needed some work, I am doing better with that now :) And, while I’m still avoiding the scale, my clothes are fitting better!! So, even if the scale isn’t moving, I know I’m down in inches for sure :) I need to re-take my measurements again :) I have been walking at LEAST one mile a day now, except on Sunday I didn’t…my usual is at least 2 a day though, but I make sure I have that one mile in at least.

We got Megan’s Video EEG set up for early Monday morning. I am going to take her by myself and be in Cleveland by 8:00 a.m. Monday. I will be there by myself with her for that day, and Clint and Abbie will have a ‘daddy day’….she LOVES when she gets a whole day with Daddy, so he wants to do a few fun things with her, then they will come to the hospital on Tuesday and spend the day with us, then I will drive home Wednesday morning when we are discharged. So it should work out good :) I’m anxious to find out her results and move on to the next step in taking care of this. Right now I’m almost thankful that so far it’s just showing seizures…I do know that it could be SO much worse than this…but all of us know that when it’s your own child, no matter what they are going through it’s horrible

So, that’s the scoop on us!! I hope to get back to more weight-related news soon :) :) HOpe I’m not boring you all!!! LOL

Wanna Lose Weight???

GET OUTSIDE!!! I am NOT an outside person…I love being out there, but I can’t STAND the spiders and flying critters…but for some reason today, I ENJOYED being out there! I didn’t want to come in! Megan and Abbie were both napping, so I went out and helped Clint get the stall ready for our cow to come home :) Can’t wait to have her here…so we worked out in the barn, then I cleaned out the main part of the barn, then I washed our bicycles and scrubbed a water play/sand table that we had kept outside that had bees nests in them and all kinds of lovely things growing in it…*GAG*…The garage sale was postponed until next weekend because of rain…so I’m still working on getting things together…kind of nice to have some extra time…ANYWAYS…I was outside all morning/early afternoon, and I didn’t ONCE think about munching/eating…It’s like a habit to walk past the kitchen and feel the need to stop and ‘peek’ into the pantry or fridge for a snack…today was great…wasn’t anywhere near the kitchen, LOVING the outdoors, and even got a little color :) hahaha…so, point here is…GET OUTSIDE!!!! Get your mind on other things…really does do wonders :) :) :)

Never been so glad to have a day come to a close

Today has been…to put it nicely…plain hell. I’m so stressed. Megan had her EEG done yesterday. We got the results back today. Not good. They said the test results were ‘Not Normal’. Not something you want to hear about your baby I don’t quite understand what it all means as of yet, but they said that the discharge (activity given out by the brain) from the right side of her brain was very ‘large waves’…From what the lady said, it shows definite signs of seizures but we won’t know for sure until we have the video EEG done. Now that we have had the ‘routine’ EEG done, and there is medical necessity to have an extensive EEG (video) done, they will automatically approve it (the insurance company). So…I haven’t been a very happy mommy today…I am so worried about her…I should find out either tomorrow or Monday morning when we will get in to have the Video EEG done on her. Hopefully SOON.

Then…for the past couple of WEEKS…I have been EXTENSIVELY updating my PCOS page, as I wanted to add it as a link from my blog…I have put SO much work into that page, and tonight I went and saved it, because my computer was being stupid, and when I rebooted, and brought the page back up, over HALF of the page is GONE!!!!!! Including my ENTIRE story from beginning to now…I’m SO irked…so now I’m working on trying to remember details from 8 years ago and re-adding all of the graphics and info…LOL…

I don’t usually have days like this, and I hate sounding and feeling negative…tomorrow will be wonderful to wake up and start fresh…

Updates seriously needed

Wow…I just realized how BADLY I have been neglecting my main LessLisa weight loss site. But, if I’m avoiding the scale, I guess there’s really not much to update there huh?? LOL…What a depressing hour I have just spent on the internet. I checked out my ‘Success’ link on my main site, it’s links I added a long time ago of other weight-loss sites and haven’t checked them out in awhile. I am now going to have to sort through them and delete probably more than half of them…either because they havent’ been updated in over a year, or the page is no longer there. Kind of depressing isn’t it???

Then I see the date on my main page that it was last updated on…are people thinking the same of me?? That I have ‘given up’ and deserted my page??? NO WAY JOSE!!!! I hope that’s not what they think anyways…I don’t want to be one of the people that just gave up…

My motivation is somehow renewed though, let me tell ya…I think that avoiding the scale is helping that…I’m not focusing on the ups and downs that happen on a daily basis…I don’t know how soon I will weigh-in again, but I want to feel a difference in my clothes maybe…THEN weigh and have a surprise :) I have been walking AT LEAST one mile everyday…I haven’t done my weights, only because I am walking on my lunch break during work and as soon as I get home I’m lugging boxes up the stairs from the basement for the garage sale…I think that’s a good workout in itself!!

Just don’t give up on me, as I haven’t given up in the LEAST :) :)

What do you call Gumby with a sprain???

CLAY AIKEN!!!! HA! (get it…’clay achin’????)…ya ya, I know…

Not alot to report on my end, just wanting to check in…I’m on a roll, OP, exercising (did another 2 miles today) and keeing myself busy…things are looking up…*knock on wood* now If the scale cooperates in a few days I’ll be even happier :) :) :)

Welp, I’m off to get my stuff priced and tagged for the garage sale this weekend :)

Pretty quiet here

Sorry I haven’t been posting too much about the weight loss / exercise thing…not too much to chat about I guess, now that I’m avoiding the scale…LOL…I am still walking everyday and doing weights as often as I can…we are having a garage sale next weekend at my parents house, so getting ready for that is really keeping me busy…we also added a small addition onto our barn out back…we have a cow, but we keep her at a friends farm, so we’re getting our barn ready to bring her here in a week or so…plus this week we are getting 2 pigs…LOL…I never enjoyed the whole ‘farm’ thing much when I was younger, but I love being around the animals and can’t wait to have them here…so, that has been keeping me pretty active lately too…we went today and got some paint to get the barn and addition all painted, so that will get tackled this week too :)

I have been really good with eating and staying in points, and it’s weird because if I have ONE thing that I’m not supposed to, I SWEAR it feels like I gained 10 lbs So, I’m avoiding that situation…I have been reverting back to reading my Victoria’s Secret, Weight Watchers and Self magazines and getting that ‘thin-spiration’ back…knowing WHY I’m doing this journey and what I want to look like…I have come to the conclusion that I don’t even care what I would look like in a bathing suit, stretch marks and all…I just want to be able to pick out a cute outfit off the rack at a NORMAL size store and be able to wear it and look cute…no pudges anywhere…LOL

I had some bad news yesterday…I girl I graduated with was murdered this past Wednesday. The circumstances behind it seem to be drug-related. We were never ‘close’ friends but friends none-the-less. She has a 12 year old daughter now, with no mom…I was SO upset yesterday when I found out it was her…but it got me thinking…don’t get me wrong, I’m FAR from being in a drug-related or any kind of bad situation…but what if that were ‘ME’??? Do I really want the rest of my life to be about worrying about my weight??? I don’t want to waste any more time feeling horrible about myself and wasting all that precious time of my life battling my weight. I want to do this NOW and have a life free of worries about things that could have been prevented, such as my weight…I don’t want something *God forbid* to happen and take my life, and my oldest daughter just remember that ‘Mommy was always trying to get skinny’…know what I mean??? It’s so sad that something as horrible as losing this friend puts things into perspective and what life should REALLY be about…

“The best angle from which to approach any problem, is the TRY-angle…”
— Unknown

Change of Plans

Well, we got a call first thing this morning that our insurance has denied coverage for Megan to have the hospital stay/testing done this weekend. Because it’s a hospital stay AND a video monitoring in addition to an EEG, they are refusing to cover it. The insurance wants a regular outpatient EEG done first, so I’m waiting right now for the hospital to call back and set up a regular EEG. I’m just ticked that this poor baby is still having her episodes and it’s gotten worse again in the past 3 days, and we scheduled this like a MONTH ago…WHY didn’t the insurance deny it LONG ago so that we would know we had to have a regular EEG, and we would KNOW what is going on with my baby?!?!?!?! I’m just a little peeved at this all…so I’m waiting for a call…

Doing wonderful on exercise :) Beginning to enjoy/look forward to it and I LOVE that feeling :) :) Busy busy me :) :)


I’m not going to be around much from here on out until at least Monday…Megan has to be going through her EEG and video monitoring and a couple of other tests during this next weekend…so I know I won’t have a chance to be on the computer…

I have gone through all of Megan’s things, my things, and through the basement and gotten things ready for the Garage sale…now all I have to do is Abbie’s things (which I’m going to do now while she’s sleeping since she is a total packrat and hates to get rid of the teeniest goofy things…LOL) and Clint has to get through his clothes and things soon…he’s very sick right now So he stayed home today and is relaxing and resting…

That’s it for me…just wanted to pop in one more time before I’m into a busy weekend!!

I did WHAT?!?!?!

Wow, I’m still a bit stunned and holding myself back from the piles…here’s the scoop…two words…GARAGE SALE!! We are having one in just over a week…not this weekend coming, but next. So…here’s the deal…I watched Dr. Phil yesterday (is it just me, or does he seem to be having ALOT of weight loss shows lately??) and he was telling this one woman that he always tells people that if you have gone from a 24 to a 20, GET RID of the clothes that are too big for you!! His reasoning (besides the obvious) was, that if you are on a budget and you only have clothes that go to an 18, you KNOW you don’t have money to get new clothes, so you won’t LET yourself get past an 18…makes sense doesn’t it??

So, since we are having a garage sale, I really wanted to get rid of some of my clothes anyways…I seriously have things in my closet that have been in there for at LEAST 10 years…not kidding…sad ain’t it???? I went through my entire side of the closet, and I came out of my closet with 3 HUGE stacks of clothes!!! They are all too big/old/ugly and I don’t want to look at them anymore…I now probably have about 50 empty hangers…YEE HAWWW!!! All I know is, I hope to goodness that people with HORRIBLE taste come to the sale and buy up all my clothes…hahahahaha…that’s not nice, but true…LOL…I want these things outta here, and then *maybe* I will be able to go shopping and get some clothes for summer that actually FIT me…all of my summer clothes from last year are ridiculously huge, it’s nice, but annoying because I have NOTHING that fits me like they should now…

I guess I need to break down and not spend all of the garage sale $$$ on Clint and the girls, and actually get a few things for myself :) Cant’ wait!!!

I did keep ONE pair of jeans though that are HUGE…they are the jeans that I wore at my biggest size…they are a BIG 24 (they are relaxed style, so they really are a bit bigger than a *normal* 24 would be) and these suckers were TIGHT on me…I hold them up now, and I seriously could probably use them to completely block out the sun through my bedroom window…I will NEVER get rid of those…I want to always remind myself where I’ve come from and how much I have done for ME!!!! *Thanks Amy* :) :)