Weigh-in Wednesday

Here it is for this week, with some help from Mallory…I’ll be back later for a regular journal entry!!!

1. What is scary about losing weight? I think the scariest thing for me is actually being able to accept the fact that I AM getting smaller…you get so used to that ’stay in the house/keep to myself/don’t draw any attention towards me….that I do feel a little scared about getting out there and being myself again. But I’m DOING it :) :)
2. Do you have hidden payoffs for remaining overweight? If so, what are they? I’m really not sure what is meant by the ‘hidden payoffs’…guess I’ll have to think about this one!
3. If you lost weight, what else would you lose? My defensiveness towards others. I found myself feeling SO poorly about myself, that I would automatically assume they were ‘eyeing’ me and thinking nasty things about me, even if someone just glanced at me. So I have already shed most of this…and hope to rid it ALL, and realize that it was ME that had the problem, not them….OH! and I would also lose all my FAT clothes!!!!! hahahahah

These were GREAT questions :) Back later and update on my new domain too :) :) :)

New Domain :) :)

Thanks to Jana I now am working on getting my own domain!! My new page is going to be https://lesslisa.com!!! I will post again when it’s all set and moved :) :) So get ready to change your bookmarks!!!!!

Tuesday This or That

Here’s this weeks questions!!! I will be back later to post :) :)

1. Married or single? Married….over 10 years :) :)
2. Knit or crochet? Crochet…don’t know how to knit
3. Homebody or world traveller? Homebody and ‘close-to-home traveler’…hahah
4. “Star Search” or “American Idol”? American Idol for sure :)
5. Dancing or karaoke? Either, have to have a few drinks before either though :)
6. Elvis Presley or Elvis Costello? Elvis Presley
7. Bus or train? Hmmm…since Clint AND his dad are train nuts, I guess I will have to say Train
8. Batman or Superman? Batman
9. Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla
10. Which came first…the chicken or the egg? well, eventually down the line, the chicken HAD to come first, in order to make the egg, right?? or did that chicken have to come from an egg, to make the next egg….*OW* …. too much rationalizing..


Here’s this weeks Progress Prompts…and a good one, I might add :)

You have a lot to be grateful for as you lose weight, become active and feel good about yourself. Write a gratitude journal entry.

Wow, since I just hit my 50 lbs. gone, I truly am grateful for ALOT of things because of my weight loss.

First, I’m grateful to God, for always answering my prayers, and giving me the strength and courage to continue on this long, hard, sometimes frustrating, and yet obviously VERY rewarding journey.

I am grateful for my family and friends (near and far) who have been behind me and encouraged me, my entire journey!!

I’m grateful that because I am strong and am sticking with my program, that I will have a longer and healthier life with my girls, my husband, and my family.

Losing as much as I have, has really put things into perspective. Did you know that a gallon of water weighs approximately 8 lbs. ??? That means I have lost almost 7 JUGS OF WATER…can you even FATHOM carrying 7 jugs of water around with you all day long??? I’m grateful that I can DRINK those jugs of water now, instead of carrying them on me…I am grateful for these realizations.

I am grateful that I am learning to accept the compliments on my accomplishments now.

I am grateful for my 4-1/2 year old, who tells/asks me everyday, ‘Mommy, are you getting skinnier now???’…the love of a child is amazing…

I definitely think I could write a novel with this open journal entry topic.


Just testing the dividers between my messages… :)


I’m down ANOTHER 3 LBS. this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That makes 53 lbs. gone FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

I think I’m in like ’sticker shock’…hahahaha…I had to get back on the scale 5 times this morning, as I was in SHOCK over the number on it!!!! I just can’t get over this!! :) :) :) I can honestly say though, that since I stopped doing weight-lifting, and I’m seeing the results more on the scale, that it’s definitely helping me stay OP alot easier!!! I have been walking still, but no weights…I want to get closer to goal, THEN work on weights and toning…YAAAAYYYYYY MEEEEE!!!!!!! hahahaha…I’m excited, can you tell????? I got my weight loss chart, goals page, and virtual models all updated on my main page (LessLisa link, below)… :) :)

New Weigh-in Day…

Well, I’m changing my weigh-in day once again…it’s going to be on Sundays now instead of Mondays…it’s very hard for me to be up early enough before Clint leaves for work to nurse Megan both sides, and of course go potty before he leaves…I always do all this before I weigh-in, and I’d like to continue doing all that first so there’s no ‘extra’ weight anywhere…LOL…so I haven’t weighed in yet this morning, but will be back with an update… :) I have avoided the scale most of this week, so I’m praying that I’m down again :) :) :)

We took Abbie yesterday afternoon for her first Horse-riding lesson…she was AMAZING…She was a natural at it…they told us that usually when the ‘pee-wee’ lessons first start, that they just walk the child in circles on the horse and that was it, but she did so well for her first time, that they had her making the horse walk and trot (she LOVED it when she trotted), turning the horse left and right, walking over sticks…they only teach English Style riding, so they had to teach her to use her legs and go up and down as the horse trotted, and lean forward and up while she stepped over the sticks on the groud (more like poles laying down)…so when her lesson was over, she got to brush the horse, and feed her…she was in HEAVEN…I knew that horses were so amazing to her, but to see her with them and how fast she became comfortable with the horse, it was just amazing…so she’s going back next Saturday too :) We want to make sure that she’s interested in doing this and taking care of a horse first, as we want to eventually buy one and have it here at home.

Then we had a little scare last night. After her lesson, we came home, got changed and drove to Cleveland to visit my brother and his girlfriend…we got home around 9:30 p.m. and when we pulled in, our front door was open We have a regular lock AND a dead-bolt on that door, so we KNEW someone had been in our house We drove next door, called 9-1-1, and waited for the police to arrive…the first cop came and had a K-9…they went to the front door and the cop was yelling something to the effect of ‘This is the police…we have a K-9 and we will release him! If you are in the house come out now, he WILL find you!!!'’ He repeated that twice, then went into the house with him…they checked EVERYTHING in the house, closets, basement, you name it…there were no wet foot tracks in the entrance to the house, nothing…here, the dead-bolt was only latched half-way, which is weird for me, because I’m a FREAK about the doors all being locked/bolted at all times…And, it was so windy here yesterday, that obviously, the wind blew open the door So, thank GOODNESS it was a false-alarm, but I was shaking SO bad, just thinking someone had been in our house, and was STILL in there…what a horrible feeling…Abbie was so scared She kept asking about it, and talking about it, and wouldn’t go anywhere in the house by herself Very scary…but we’re all ok now…but how SCARY!!! So, payday we’re going to go out and get a couple more dead-bolts for two other entrances to our house now too…

Here is this weeks ‘Unconcious Mutterings’ (link to it is under the ‘Participation’ link, below…

I say .�.�.�� and you think .�.�.�� ?

Guilt :: lying
Pearl :: oyster
First :: grade
Work :: computer
Record :: album
Drunk :: driver
Sexy :: bathing suit
DMV :: license
Stapler :: filing
Toy :: horse

Back in a bit for my weigh-in results :) :)

More Blinkies :)

I made a few more of the ‘I’ve lost *** lbs!’ blinkies tonight :) They are located down below under the ‘blinkies’ link :) I have one blinkie for every pound up to 60 lbs. lost!! :) I hope to get the rest done soon!! Enjoy!!!


You all HAVE to try this!!!!!!!! Click here to see ~ The Flash Mind Reader

HEE HEE HEE…I’ve been doing it for awhile now :) Pretty cool…I know there’s a math trick, but it’s still freaky :) :)

A New Day, A New Thought :)

Well, after getting some rest last night, getting up this morning and re-reading last nights post about the ’shallow-ness’ of people only noticing me now after losing weight…I think I was dumb to write that…LOL…Seriously though…I wasn’t happy with ME 50 lbs. ago, so why should I think anyone else would have been happy with me then? I mean, I’m happily married, and all that really matters is that Clint loves me, always has and always will, no matter my size or otherwise. He’s been so full of compliments lately, I just love it…makes me feel even better about what I have accomplished so far…and it’s definitely flattering to have other men give me smiles here and there, but what Clint thinks is the main thing :)

I think the problem I was having last night, is, I still don’t take compliments too well…I had so much self-doubt when I was at my heaviest, that it’s hard to get rid of it, and actually accept that someone thinks I look nice…I need to learn to take compliments better…and it’s not an easy thing to do. When I would get them before, I always thought they were ‘pitty’ compliments, not sincere ones. So I sabotaged myself into thinking that way, and got myself to NOT accept them as sincere compliments…I guess my thinking was, ‘I look SO disgusting!! How on EARTH can they be being nice???’…Even with Clint…he would compliment me, and I would want to cry instead of saying ‘Thank You’ and accepting what he said as something he truly meant. So, now that I’m feeling better about *me* it’s getting easier to graciously accept a compliment :) Kinda fun actually :)

hahahaha…So, just blow off yesterdays post…I hope all this came out the way it was meant to…I feel like I’m babbling and rambling, and not getting my point across…LOL…oh well, guess that’s me :) :) hahahahah…

Here’s today’s Friday Five :) (Link to it is under my ‘participation’ link, below)

1. What was the last song you heard? Traveling Soldier by Dixie Chicks
2. What were the last two movies you saw? I watched Bio Dome and America’s Sweethearts yesterday :)
3. What were the last three things you purchased? Well, there were more than 3…I did grocery shopping last night, Wal-mart the night before :)
4. What four things do you need to do this weekend? Take Abbie to her first Horse-Riding lesson :) Laundry, Vacuum, pick up Clint’s frame to the car he’s restoring, and last but not least…RELAX :)
5. Who are the last five people you talked to? Megan, Abbie, my mom, Clint, and Penny (she’s at work here with me)…

Alrighty then…I’m off…back to work :) Have a WONDERFUL day!!!!!!!!!