Day #3 PERFECTLY OP…!!!! I am having to find things to fill my points again, just as I did when I first started WW :) :) That makes me feel AWESOME!!! Like I’m not overdoing it in the least. I just filled my points with a nice cold glass of milk. Was craving that today :)

And also, I was down another 1/2 lb. this morning!!! That means just ONE MORE lb. to go by Monday…I think it’ll happen :) Long as my ‘monthly’ doesn’t show…LOL…it’s due anytime and the headaches sure are fierce this month…so here’s hoping!!! :) :)

I did get my CD artwork designed and done…the CD’s will get sent out next week…So, everyone on the 2 teams with me…you will see them soon :) :) Nothing spectacular on the art, but they look cute. I did my songs and I hope you all like them…started out and ended with a few slow songs to warm up and cool down with, and in the middle are some good ones I like to walk to especially…they are good for weight lifting too though, so I hope you like them…I am so excited to get mine…I can’t wait!!!!! :) :) :)

Quick post tonight, just wanted to check in…hope you all are doing great!!!!

CD Swap :) :)

I forgot that I got the e-mail yesterday confirming the groups for the CD Swap :) :) I am in two different groups, and am burning 6 CD’s (all the same music), and in turn will also receive 6 new CD’s to work out to!!! I’m SOOOO excited to get mine out and get the new ones…I came up with a pretty good idea for the cover art tonight, and hope it turns out like I want it to :) :) :)

DOWN down down down DOOOOWWWWNNNN!!!!

Well…I’m THRILLED to report this morning that I am down 2 LBS.!!! I saw 248.5!! That means I need just 1.5 more by Monday, and I’ll be darned if I will let it pass this time…I wanna be at 246.5 or lower even!! LOL…I can’t WAIT to see what Monday brings. I have really been focusing on things that I know are making my body drag butt on getting to that 50 lbs. mark that seems so far off yet so close EVERY week.

I have noticed, like I said before, that I’m not so much and emotional eater, but I eat when I get bored. So, I have kept the rule of no food while here at the computer, and also, when I get the munchies and I’m not truly hungry, I grab myself a piece of gum, a large glass of water, and I CLEAN my house…LOL…I have actually gotten so used to this routine now, that my house has been amazingly clean lately :) It drives me nuts when it’s even a teeny bit messy…so I guess I killed 2 birds with one stone on that change huh? It’s kinda nice :)

I have some Wal-mart to do today, and straighten up the house a bit…then I’m going to do my 2 mile WATP tape…seems to be helping me :) :) Dinner is leftovers from last night (also something that’s been nice since I have been watching super close)…there is always left-overs..usually, I would go back for 2nds even if I wasn’t hungry, just because it was good. *patting myself on back*….hahahha

Here’s a NSV (non-scale victory) for me also…I had to run into town the other day while Abbie was in school…and I saw the *golden arches*…my car just kinda ‘turned in’ and I sat in the drive thru, waiting my turn. Well, low and behold, there is an ‘escape’ route :) :) You don’t HAVE to stay in the drive-through lane once you get in there, did you know that?!?!?!?!? hahaha…I drove my ever-thinning self right outta there, and did it with a HUGE grin on my face :) :) And, off I went back to work, and got myself a nice *gulp* yummy glass of water :) :) hahaha…it’s the little things, right??????????

Have a great day everyone!!! P.S. New song again :) :) :) (working on adding it now) I love ANY type of music…so you will get used to the weird mixture you will hear here :) :) hahahah

You know you’re a mom when…

Picture this…leaving the house, kids staying at home with daddy. Get in the car, driving down the road in the dark, jamming to your new 80’s “hair band” CD that you made. Reach over (in the dark) for the zipper on your purse, unzip it, find your tube of lipstick (it’s a squeeze tube) open it, put some on your finger, and apply it to your lips…few seconds later….NUMB!!!!!!!! ROFL…I did this last night!!!! What did I grab?!?!?!?!? BABY ORAJEL!!!!!!!!!!! I was on my way to get Subway for dinner (two-for-tuesday :) and I grabbed the wrong tube (I knew I smelled SOMETHING)….HAHAHAHAAH…I was so embarrassed going in to Subway, hoping they couldn’t tell…hahahahaha…Yep, that’s me…I’m a mommy…

Here is today’s Weigh-In Wednesday :) :)

Playing Favorites
1. What is your favorite heathy food? Hmmm…Subway’s Turkey & Ham Sub :) …Hey, it’s on the 7 under 6 :) :)
2. What is your favorite “treat” food (secret indulgence, if you will) ? ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!
3. What is your favorite way to exercise? Definitely walking…what could be more simple :) :)


My Tagboard is back :) :) :) Comment away!!!! :) :)

Tuesday This or That

This or That Tuesday

1. Holland or Netherlands? Ummm..Netherlands
2. Emu or Ostrich? Ostrich…I have never been quite sure what an Emu is…(are they the same things????)
3. Biff or Happy? Happy…have NO clue what ‘Biff’ is
4. Quincy or Braintree? again, HUH????
5. Cassius Clay or Muhammad Ali? Muhammad Ali
6. Instabul or Constantinople? Constantinople…more fun to say :)
7. Pig or Swine? Pig
8. Barf or Puke? Puke
9. Potatoes or Spuds? Potatoes
10. Squeeze Box or Accordion? Accordian

whoa, those were a bit off the wall this week, aye??? hahahah…I will blog later probably…we have company coming later, and my house is trashed…LOL

Quick P.S. ~

Tagboard should be back up soon…not sure what’s taking so long Sorry!!!

Up DoWn Up DoWn Up DoWn…

My SCALE is Yo-Yo’ing not ME, right??? hee hee hee…I’m up 1.5 this week…no where NEAR as bad as I was expecting. I had said earlier I was over on points Friday big time…being so close to weigh in that really worried me. But I can handle 1.5.

I have set a few new goals for myself to hit this week, and I’m taking this VERY seriously this week. I’m getting really bored with the ups and downs, and I wanna see more DOWNS!!! :) :)

1. Get at LEAST 90 oz. of water EVERY day (I’m at 30 oz. now - 12:00 p.m.)
2. Stay at the LOWEST number in my point range EVERY DAY
3. Do at LEAST 2 miles of my WATP each day and try and incorporate some weights again (been really hard to do weights since my surgery…hand is still sore and weak) but I think it’s time to get the muscles working again…
4. Keep up on my Health Journal here on my site…that really helps me…and I’m not doing good posting my food journals/water/AP’s and need to get back at it

I’m feeling REALLY positive today…which brings up a question I would like to ask (hoping nobody feels I”m a freak…LOL)…This may sound silly, but do you believe that you can control your weight loss not only with better eating and exercise, but with your mind??? That may sound really weird to some of you, but I truly believe that you can. I have noticed even with myself, that if I stay positive about my journey, I can actually *feel* the days where I know I’m losing weight, and I don’t mean like my clothes feel baggier, or anything fits me differently, it’s like I can actually *feel* my body doing it’s thing…and I also notice on days during the week when I feel like I am losing interest in the program, or just having a bad day, I feel as if I am heavier…and I know that one isn’t because I blow it that day or anything…I can just tell by my mindset to what my body is doing or how it’s reacting to my thinking…and it usually shows the same on the scale… I do believe in mind over matter, and I think that if you put your mind to it, you can make things happen, and when I was at my heaviest, I wasn’t able to read my body at ALL…now all of a sudden, I can read my body. I can tell when my period will be starting *on time I might add :) :) * This is such a hard thing to explain, I hope that some of you understand the *feeling* I’m having…maybe can even explain it clearer than I can??? I used to visit a site pretty often when I was pregnant, it was called “Mango Mommas” (don’t have the URL handy right now) and she felt the same way. Like she had mind over matter of her periods, her bleeding after giving birth, etc. I found this so facinating that someone could read and tap into their bodies this way. And now that some of the excess of me is gone, I’m noticing these little signals I’m picking up on also. If you experience similar things, please let me know…as I feel weird posting this here, but am serious, and want to see if anyone else notices these things ;) :)

I got the newest Weight Watchers e-mail just now, and it had 28 small steps to take in order to see your way toward your weight goals.

� About Small Eating Changes

Water, water, water, water. (Your skin will look great, too!)
Order half portions at restaurants, or share a full portion with somebody. Or ask for a to-go container when you order your food, and pack up half the portion before you even start eating.
Cut back on butter and mayo.
Limit fried foods to once or twice per week.
Use less or no sugar in your coffee or tea.
Replace ground beef with Boca products or turkey.
Try at least one new food every week. If you’re bored with what you’re eating, you’re more likely to give up.
Eat fresh, raw veggies instead of chips with sandwiches.
Measure your portions until you’re sure you know what a cup, a half-cup, and a tablespoon look like. This way, you can be sure you’re accurately counting your POINTS�.
Try not to drink your POINTS. Save them for food, so you feel fuller.
Dip your fork in a side of salad dressing before each bite, instead of pouring it directly on your salad. You’ll find that you are satisfied with much less than you usually put on.
Find the lowest-POINTS alternative to all your favorite high-POINTS foods.
If you don’t really love it, don’t eat it.
Never eat out of a bag or box. Take out a measured/counted quantity of food and put it in a bowl. This way, you know exactly how much you’re having.
Always eat something for breakfast.
Read food labels. Check serving sizes.
Add vegetables to everything.
Plan meals in advance; use that information to make out a complete shopping list.
Give guests food to take home.
Make sure your Journal is easy and always accessible (like the online Journal that WeightWatchers.com subscribers get).
Record foods and their POINTS values in your Journal before you eat them.

� About Small Exercise Changes

Take the stairs every single time they’re an option. No more elevators or escalators.
Make exercise a priority, not an inconvenience.
Park far from your destination, so you’re forced to walk � this works at the supermarket, mall, wherever. (This also helps you waste less time looking for a parking space!)
View tiring chores (shoveling snow, cleaning the house, weeding the garden, taking the garbage out, grocery shopping) as a chance to get in some activity.
Take the grocery cart back to the store when you’re done loading your bags into your car.
If you take public transportation, get off one stop early.
Work out with a buddy.

Wow, since I have written a small novel here, I guess I’m gonna let you go :) Hope you all are having a great day!!!! ((HUGS))

Progress Promts :)

Progress Prompts are early this week :) :) :)

Did you take any PE (physical education) class when you were in school? Did you enjoy it? Were you athletically inclined? Have you ever participated in a team sport? In an individual sport? What sports have you tried, and what sport would you like to try/learn? Do you enjoy/are you easily inspired from watching sports?

Well, I *DID* take PE in school…was a requirement…but I failed it…ROFL…how sad is that…mind you, I was a STICK in school, I thought I was so fat, and I was so embarrased to be out there in front of people doing physical things, so I HATED it…I would refuse to dress for class…therefore failed…LOL… I am not a competitive person at all, so sports were not my thing.

The only sports I have done is softball…I was on a softball team through elementary/jr. high years. Individual sports, really only running. I used to be a pretty good runner, and would love to be back in that place again.

I can’t think of a sport I would actually like to learn…like I said I’m not a very competitive person, so it’s hard for me to be in a ‘team’ environment…

I am inspired by watching weight lifting, aerobics, those types of things…and I LOVE to watch baseball (Cleveland Indians ONLY though :) :)

Movie Review :)

Three Words: Sweet Home Alabama!!! I rented it last night and just finished watching it for the third time…LOL…AWESOME movie…Clint even liked it :) We rented ‘Minority Report’ Friday night, with Tom Cruise…that was a WEIRD movie…I don’t know still if I liked it or not. Little to weird for me. It was good I guess after I saw the whole thing and understood the plot of the movie, but definitely not one I would watch again…LOL

Snowing like mad outside…we are going to head to a farm called Can-Do-It Farm, that is just like 10 minutes from us that we just found out about. They have horse riding lessons on weekends, and ‘Pee-Wee’ lessons for kids Abbie’s age. So, they have a Tack shop that we are going to go and see today, and find out about getting Abbie signed up for weekend riding lessons :) She doesn’t know yet :) :) Can’t WAIT to see her face when she finds out. HOrses are her *THING*…I took a picture of her on the floor with EVERY SINGLE horse that she owns…wait till you see this!!! ROFL…I will post it soon as I get it developed…I didn’t realize she had so many…hahaha…

Well, just mainly wanted to say hi and hope you’re having a great weekend!!! (((HUGS)))