Surgery Eve :)

Well, it’s now Surgery Eve…and I’m nervous as heck…LOL…weird thing is, I’m not nervous about the surgery…I’m worried about the girls…even though it’s only 3 hours or 4 hours that my mom will have them, I’m worried too about my recovery and having to have help with them. I like to make sure that I can take care of things on my own…I don’t like to have to ask for help or even admit I that I NEED help…LOL…I am very independent in that aspect…oh well, guess I gotta suck it up and take the help, or I won’t heal quickly either…LOL…

Anyways, I just wanted to post one more time before I go tomorrow, and let you know I probably won’t be here tomorrow, or maybe even through the weekend…depends on how I”m feeling, so I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!



Wednesday….Hump day (*giggle*)…almost Friday :) :) 2 more days till my surgery…getting a bit ancy now. I have a list of things that I can and cannot do tomorrow (the night before) to be ready for it. Well, now Abbie is really sick and Clint is coming down with whatever it is too…and if I end up sick, there more than likely will be no surgery…so please keep me in your thoughts/prayers that I stay healthy and can have this done…I want it over with so badly…I would really appreciate it :) :) :)

We’re at work today, should have stayed home and worked from there instead of dragging Abbie in, but I needed to be here and make sure all is caught up before Friday since I won’t be here…so I’m done now and just wanted to post a bit :) :)

I also wanted to thank everyone for all the great e-mails and messages on my tagboard, and comments in my blog…they are all so encouraging…I just love it :) :)

OH!!! And, don’t ask me how, but when I did my weight chart yesterday, I put that I have lost 48 lbs…well, when I subtract 248 (current weight) from 297 (start weight)…does it not equal 49 LBS GONE?!?!?!? That means only ONE more pound to 50 gone :) :) LOL…kinda nice surprise huh?? LOL

I kinda let myself have a bit more to eat yesterday, since I had weigh-in in the morning, and I ended up going over my points by 5…not too bad…cuz I also got 3 AP’s (Activity Points) in, plus some that were banked, and will have more AP’s tonight too :) Did you know you can actually use *ahem* ’sexual activity’ to earn AP’s???? AMEN to that :) :) ROFL…something I never even thought of counting :) But, YES it does burn calories :) :):) Now that’s MY kinda exercise :) :)

Ok…nuff of that… :)

Here is todays Wednesday Weigh-in

Emotional Eating

1. What have you discovered about yourself through evaluating your relationship with food? I’m really not sure about this one…I’m not an emotional eater, or anything like that…but I have struggles with eating just like everyone else…

2. Have you been able to identify any reasons that you are an emotional eater? Do you eat because of boredom, stress, loneliness, emotional issues or to fill a void? I have noticed that I am more prone to eat when I am bored…but I don’t think I’m really an ‘emotional’ eater. If I am upset, or emotional about something, eating is something I generally DON’T do…I think the boredom eating is more just habit also…

3. What’s the biggest change you’ve made in your daily food intake to organize your eating? Are you planning each meal for the day ahead of time? I think to organize my eating, My Journal has been the BEST tool for me. I couldn’t do this if I didn’t journal. And I do plan meals ahead of time. I will have a couple meals in mind for whatever my points may allow me that night for dinner…that really helps so that I’m not just scrounging for something quick and end up going over for no reason. Separating snacks into individual servings and marking the bags with the point values also really help (when I stay on top of that)…

Have a wonderful day everyone!! Hope you all are doing well and staying positive!!!!!

more blinkies…

I’ve been a *blinkety-blink* blinkie maker :) :) HAHAHAH…I have quite a few more new ones up today, including ones for each 5 lbs. you lose :) I will be adding more amounts as I can to these :) Have fun!!


THEY CAME!!! THEY CAME!!! MY WATP ARE HERE!! I will update you in a bit on how I like em!!! :) :):)

Tuesday This or That

Here is today’s Tuesday This or That

Same Thing, Different Names

1. Kleenex or tissue? Tissue
2. Soda or pop (or tonic or whatever)? Pop
3. A sandwich on a long roll: sub or hero (or hoagie or grinder, etc)? Sub
4. Glasses or spectacles? glasses
5. TV or television (or boob-tube, or telly, for our friends across the pond)? TV
6. Movie or film? movie
7. Sofa or couch? couch
8. Stove or range? stove
9. Remote control or clicker? switcher, actually…hahaha
10. Supermarket or grocery store? grocery store

YAAAAY Me!!!! I�m down 3.5 lbs. this week!!!! I didn�t go to weigh-in this morning, because Abbie is still pretty sick L So I weighed myself here at home�.my scale actually shows me down 4 lbs. But it�s consistently � lb. lighter than the weight watchers scale shows. I�m SOOOO excited that this stupid plateau is FINALLY over�.it was about a MONTH where I had no good losses, and this is such a good feeling!!! Now I only need 2 more lbs. next week, and I can get my tattoo!!!!! I have been trying to find a good, trustworthy place around here to have one done, and I think I�m going to end up in Willoughby, about an hour from here�my brother is going to get one at the same time, so it�s gonna be a fun time :) :)

Hee hee heee�.I�m just still all giggly over the scale�.I will probably say this from here on out until I hit 220, but I don�t even REMEMBER the last time my scale was lower than the 250�s :) :) The next weight down that I can remember being is 220. I worked at a small grocery store here in town, and I remember being 220, because I was the same weight as Clint�s best friend at the time. I remember them talking in the car one day, and he mentioned that, and I just sat in the back seat not saying a word�and I remember how bad I felt when I realized I was the same size as him. Mind you, he�s about 5� shorter than me�so at 220, I still was nowhere NEAR huge�LOL�one good thing about being tall. :) :) But I can�t wait to hit that weight again.

I keep thinking what a difference this is�when I was gaining and was this weight I felt HUGE�now that I�m losing and I�m at this same weight, I don�t feel so big anymore�must be a mind over matter thing huh?? Or that I am succeeding this time to achieve this weight, and not failing and have REACHED this weight???

My WATP (Walk Away the Pounds) tapes are supposed to be delivered today :) :) I can�t wait! And we are home again today too, as I mentioned, Abbie�s still sick�so that will be nice for me to be here and be able to try them out :) :) Hope they deliver early :) :)

Well, that�s it for me for now�.My internet connection is all goofy and I can�t get my FTP to connect so that I can upload my weight loss charts and all, and I can�t post this in greymatter, so I am writing this in Word then will paste to greymatter as soon as the connection starts working again�.LOL

Have a great day everyone!!! Hope you all are doing well and staying positive!!! (((HUGS)))

Progress Promts :)

Have I fallen in LOVE?!?!?!

With my SCALE?!?!?!?!? :) :) :) I got on my scale this morning to see a WHOLE NEW set of numbers!!!!!!!! I finally broke OUT of the 250’s and I saw a 248 on the scale this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s just pray that it is that good or better tomorrow morning at weigh-in!!! :) :) I hope so…I sure need that motivation right now!! I know I’m doing fine staying OP and have tried not to obsess about ###’s but once in a while you really DO need that validation that what you are doing is working!!! LOL

Abbie is sick and just about every school around us is closed today….it’s NASTY out…so we are all home, girls are napping, and I’m making some more blinkies :) :) I have already gotten a few more new ones up, so please check them out if you are interested!!!

Well, I guess I will finish up with todays Monday’s Progress Promts ~

Do you suffer from poor body image, low self-esteem or depression due to your weight? What are you doing to heal yourself? How do you maintain a positive outlook or attitude? I do suffer from Poor body image, and low self-esteem although those have gotten ALOT better since losing some weight :) I used to suffer horribly from depression, and that was a mix of my weight, my PCOS, a number of things, but have overcome that on my own :) To heal myself, I have taken the initiative to get myself moving, and on track with Weight Watchers, and lose this weight :) I KNOW it’s the main problem that I have with myself, and the only one that can fix it is ME…And how do I maintain a positive outlook or attitude?!?! I guess that’s just my personality, that really helps ALOT. I try VERY hard not to dwell on little things that shouldn’t affect my life, and I stay clear of unpleasant situations and people as much as I can. I know what is good for ME and my family, and I don’t let negativity interfere :) :) Most of all though, a SENSE OF HUMOR is the cure to all!!! This I pray I never lose :) :)

Have a wonderful day!!!! (((HUGS)))

Date :)

Clint and I had an awesome time last night :) We took the girls to my parents house, and off we went for our ‘date’ :) :) We went to Mentor, and stopped at a couple little stores to look around, then headed for dinner…after checking a few restaurants that all had 45-60 minute waits for non-smoking, we ended up at a great steak house…I had a delmonico steak and baked potatoes, and I’m sure I blew my points yesterday, but I’m not even gonna stress about it…it was a night for US and that’s what mattered :) :) My mom had Megan to sleep at 8:00 p.m. when I called to check on the girls, so I was relieved, until at the end of dinner, we get a phone call on the cell phone…LOL…Megan woke up and obviously didn’t see me, and they couldn’t get her to calm down…poor honey. So, we paid for dinner and headed back to get her :) She was fine once she saw me :) :) That’s an awesome feeling :) :) She loves her momma :) :)

Today is SuperBowl of course, and we were supposed to have some friends over for a party for the game, but one of their kids is sick, so looks like it’s just me clint and the girls :) Probably better for my points though…LOL…we were gonna make these kick @$$ hoagies that Clint makes, and chips and veggie tray…so now we will probably just do a few little munchies that won’t be as bad for me as the hoagies would have :)

OH! And…Clint found out from some guys at work that there is a Stouffer’s Thrift Store about an hour from us where you can get Lean Cuisine, and regular Stouffer’s microwave meals for less than 1/2 price than you would in the store…So we took us a little ride yesterday, and I got like 20 frozen Lean Cuisines, he got an entire case of french bread pizza’s and Abbie got a small case of mac-n-cheese dinners and I got 2 skillet sensations type meals with the meat already in them for their dinners for a couple nights, those were buy one get one free :) :) …LOL…so he will probably be having his pizza’s today :) But we got all that for like $50.00…it was awesome and I’m set for my lunches and an occasional dinner… :) :) :)

A couple people at Dotti’s sent me a list of over 300 weight loss quotes/sayings…some of them are too long for blinkie-making, but there are a TON that I have never even heard of that will make awesome blinkies!!! So, probably during the game later on, I will take some time and get more made :) I’m having fun making them :) :)

I don’t know if I talked about this already or not, but my surgery for my left hand is scheduled for this coming Friday…found out this past Friday that I will have an imobilizer (not sure exactly what it will be like) on my hand, plus my arm in a sling for AT LEAST 3 days…so more than likely I won’t be here much over next weekend, but we’ll see…I hope I can update ya’ll on it…so I found out also that the recovery time is alot longer than I was planning on, so I’m getting a little anxious for this now…and scared about having the girls to take care of and everything on my own starting Monday…I’m sure I’ll do fine, it will just take some adjusting…

I think that’s all the updates for me for now :) I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!!!
Oh, and GO RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :)


new blinkies :)

Hey all :) Just wanted to pop in before I head to bed and let you know I made 3 more blinkies tonight :) They’re waitin for ya to give em a good home!!! :) :) :) Have a great night!! (((HUGS)))

Friday Five!!

i just got back from getting all my pre-op stuff taken care of for my surgery that I’m having next Friday (31st) for carpal tunnel…Not gonna be fun with a 4 month old and nursing I’m not looking forward to the recovery…but it will be awesome to have no more pain after it heals :) :)

Kicking butt staying OP :) :) I got confirmation today that my WATP tapes should be delivered on TUESDAY :) :) :) WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!! I cannot wait to get them and try em out :) :)

Clint has been working SO much overtime in the last 2 weeks, I haven’t hardly seen him So, tomorrow night my mom and dad are keeping the girls, and we are going on a ‘date’ :) :) Dinner in Erie and a movie :) I’m so excited :) Then we will pick up Megan, and Abbie’s gonna spend the night with my mom and dad :) :) A night *almost* alone :) :) But Megan is sleeping all night and goes down at 8 p.m. so it will be a nice night :) :) :) I’m excited :) :)

I don’t think there’s much else to chat about right now…so I’m gonna finish up with todays Friday Five !!

1. What is one thing you don’t like about your body? Being overweight…but it’s comin off now :) :)

2. What are two things you love about your body? My eyes and my legs :)

3. What are three things you want to change about your home? Hmmm…I have my bedroom and bathroom that I would like to paint, I would like a porch off our back sliding doors, and I would like our basement finished in a ‘man’s room’ kinda design for Clint :) :)

4. What are four books you want to read this year? Hmmm…I really don’t get much time to sit and read…there are a couple weight loss type stories I would like to read, but I can’t remember what they are called…hahhahah

5. What are five promises you have kept to yourself? Before I got pregnant with my first daughter, I always promised myself that I would be an awesome mom…CHECK :) :) …That I would lose weight and get myself healthy again….CHECK :) :) …That I would be the best wife I could be…CHECK :) :) …That family would come before anything in my life…CHECK :) :) …and last but definitely not least, that I would ALWAYS keep my sense of humor…no matter what…CHECK CHECK CHECK!!! :) :)