Today’s Weigh-IN

0.2 - 2/10 - 0.nothing :) :) ROFL…That’s ALL I gained today :) 0.2 lbs.!!! I was SO excited…I knew I was back to where I was 2 weeks ago (no weigh-in last week) and I am :) :) Yeah Me :) :) Now that the tempting holidays are over with, I shouldn’t be so tempted and I can stay on track a little easier :) Cept for tonights alcohol of course :) hahaha…

Also, I am only 4 lbs. from my next lower point range, so I’m dropping myself down there starting tomorrow :) So, hopefully those great losses keep on coming :) :)

Well, that’s it for me today…I think 3 posts is enough for one day, don’t you??? LOL…

I will update my pages tomorrow, as we have a party tonight and I haven’t even begun to get ready, or get my food made :)

Have a WONDERFUL New Years Eve!!! Please be safe and responsible if you will be drinking or with someone who is!!! I want everyone safe and accounted for tomorrow!!! ((((HUGS))))

Comment Error…

I wanted to let you all know that if you leave me a comment and you get a weird error, don’t worry, it still shows up :) So just hit the ‘Post Comment’ button once and it will register it…I hope to figure out the problem soon…but for now, that will work fine :) :)


5 a.m.?!?!?!?

*I’m a little tired…a little wired….* (my best ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ impression…ROFL…man it’s too early)

5 A.M.?!?!?!?! That’s when I got up…been up since…LOL…I am WIRED this morning and haven’t got a clue as to WHY… hee hee

I got up weighed myself, nursed Megan, and weighed myself again…down 1 lb. from first weigh…hahaha…I have weigh-in this morning at my meeting…won’t be staying for the meeting though probably….I have to be to work for End of Year inventory…should be a blast, NOT…so today is the day I get to see how accurate my scale is, to the Weight Watchers scale…I’m a little nervous, but I just want to weigh, take the hits, and if it’s not a loss, then I know to kick myself in the butt and get a move-on :) :)

I will be here later with an update and also update my pages at LessLisa …So until then, wish me LIGHT luck!!! :) :) :)

Downward Scale :) :)

Downward Scale :) :) Those are some NICE words huh?? LOL…My scale is FINALLY on the descend today :) Down one pound…one more to go and I’m back where I was…’s not ‘official’ till tomorrow…possibly tonight…I’m not sure what meeting I will be going to yet…so I may have an update tonight…I just dread going when I have TOM though Oh well, take the beating, and get on with it right?? LOL

I need to have some pictures taken of me and get them on here…there HAS to be a difference in the pictures by now…maybe I will be able to see the difference more when I have something to compare it to…so I will try and get that here soon :)

A new goal of mine, starting TODAY, is EXERCISE!!!! I have done practically NOTHING in the ways of exercise and I need to get on it. Not only will it help my losses, but I seem to be losing rather quickly at the moment, and I am going to regret all the loose skin, I’m afraid, if I don’t keep myself toned as I lose…so, I am going to do at LEAST 1 mile a day on the treadmill (usually only takes me about 15 minutes) and weight lifting (which I LOVE) at least 3 days a week…I get so much more energy when I keep myself moving…instead of planting my butt here…LOL…

Speaking of…hee hee…I have to get some house cleaning done, and laundry, and head to the store sometime soon…so until next time…Good luck and God bless!!!

My Girls :)

Me again :) I just wanted to pop on here and let you all ‘meet’ my girls :) Most of you were here throughout my pregnancy, and I know you have heard so much about Abbie and Megan both, so here they are finally :)

Abbie is now 4 and Megan is 3 months :)

megan1-1 (59k image)

abbiemegan1-1 (52k image)

Bye for now!!! :) :) :)

The Answer!

Well, I found the answer to WHY my scale is up about 2 lbs. :) I have started my period…LOL (sorry to any men that read this by chance!!! hee hee)…I am breastfeeding exclusively, and yet, I have gotten my first period. Now, when I wasn’t pregnant, I wouldn’t have a period for anything when it was supposed to (thank you PCOS…) and now that it’s NOT supposed to have one, it does…my body is wacko I swear…

Anyways, I have been feeling kinda ‘defeated’ or losing the battle again, after just 2 stupid pounds…I know, insane…but it really discourages me when I see a gain, and I feel like ‘what’s the point, I’m blowing it anyways’, and then I could care less if I stay in my range…luckily it’s only about a days’ worth of negativity, then, like I posted yesterday, I start feeling positive again, and now I have the answer! My monthly friend…which really should NOT call herself a friend…she doesn’t do ME any good! LOL…

I have found a new wonderful point filler also…and not very high points even :) PISTACHIOS!!!!!!!!! I’m hooked…they are only 1 point per 10 nuts…not too shabby…so I usually have been having 40 of them for 4 points…that’s not a bad snack at all…and YUMMY, and a good way to get protein in (I think) since I’m not a big meat eater…

What else…hmmm…always seems like I have a head full of ‘topics’ until I sit here to type…

Well, I guess my mind has run empty (something that happens a little too often, I must admit!! hahahaha)….so I’m going to go for now…

I hope you all are doing well on your own journeys and challenges…Good luck to you! and God Bless!!

Feeling a bit more ‘me’… :)

Feeling a bit more ‘me’ today :) I’m back on track and OP 100% so far, and that will NOT change today…I’m feeling positive again today :) :)

We took Abbie to the mall yesterday that’s about an hour away from us. She got $25.00 from her grandpa for Christmas, so she wanted to go to the Disney store and spend it there :) There were so many awesome sales going on :) We got Megan a sweater and new jammies at Children’s Place (my favorite kids store :) :) ) and then *I* got to go to Lane Bryant for something for ME!!! Know how long it’s been since I got ME something new??? LOL…and to top it off…I got myself a new shirt that isn’t baggy…I’m not trying to ‘hide’ from everyone finally :) hahaha…AND I got a new pair of jeans :) :) And get this…they are a 20!! That is two sizes smaller than I started at, and I don’t think they are going to fit much longer…LOL…they fit perfect in the waist, and finally I was able to find them where they are fitted in the butt and legs all the way down…so you can actually TELL that my legs are skinnier now :) Not like in my baggy jeans that are falling off of my butt…LOL…I was SO excited!!!

When I gained my weight, of course my legs got a little bit bigger, but my legs have never been a problem area for me…it’s my hips, stomach, butt, upper arms…so it’s nice to have something that fit my stomach and waist and really DO fit my legs also :) Seemed the larger size I was in, the larger the legs got too…hated it

Well, I have a ton to finish up today, so I have to head out…hope you all are doing great :) :)

Good luck and God Bless!!!! (((HUGS)))


BLOATED?!?!?! That BETTER be what’s going on…LOL…I’m up another lb. today on my scale…I was completely NOT OP yesterday and today both…dangit…but, I know why…I haven’t journaled either day…my own fault, and it’s back to the grind tomorrow morning first thing :) NGAMO, right?? (no guilt, and move on)…it was Christmas and I said I was going to stay OP (on program) and count points, and then I changed my mind just as I did at Thanksgiving, and again, just as I did at Thanksgiving, it took me 3 days to get back on track…so…tomorrow’s the day, and back at it…

I know I’m not supposed to get off of the program like this, but at the same time, I can’t help thinking if having a day once in awhile where I eat higher points, it will shake my body up again a bit and keep losing big…I mean your body has to become accustomed to the calorie intake that you have at your points range, right? It’s definitely not something that I’m going to have in my ‘plan’ to do, as in a set day each week of eating whatever, because I have too hard of a time getting back at it again…no willpower you might say :) :) LOL…but might be something to try if you are *stuck* on a plateau and you have the willpower to get yourself back on track the very next day…just might get a move-on on things :) (you didn’t hear that from me…I’m just thinking out loud … hee hee)

So anyways, no guilt here…just going to DO IT :) :)

Well, I’m off to bed…Abbie got some money from her Grandpa for Christmas and she wants to spend it at the Disney store instead of Wal-mart (who’s girl IS this, anyway???? hahahah)…so we’re going to take her to the mall tomorrow and let her pick out something :) :) So I need to get some rest :) Been a busy week, of course, and rest sounds SOOO nice :)

Have a great one!!! Good luck and God bless!!! (((HUGS)))



Just wanted to pop on here and wish you all the best Holiday!!! I hope it’s filled with love, family and low-fat foods!! (yeah, right!! on the food, huh??)…hahahah

We had our Christmas this morning, and what a wonderful time we had :) Abbie dove into everything, and was so excited that she got to open HER gifts AND Megan’s :) :) I got the new Tori Amos CD (collectible version even!!!), a new electric razor (I think it’s a *hint*…kinda hard to have the time to take an extra-long shower and shave now with Megan here :) hahahah)…and…here’s the clincher…you all will no longer have to hear me *WHINE* about my scale :) :) hee hee hee…I got a Tanita digital one!!!!!!!!!! I KNEW he would get me one, and just act like he wasn’t going to, to throw me off…ROFL…I’m SOOOOO excited!!!!! It has a body fat monitor and everything….VERY nice :) :) Of course the thing that stinks is it shows me 1 lb. heavier than I was at my last weigh-in…hahaha…so I’ll see next Tuesday morning, how it compares to what WW scale says :)

Well, I’m off to PLAY some more :) hahahah…Hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas!!!!
(((HUGS))) Till next time, good luck and God bless!!!

Bad, bad, me…

Bad, Bad, Me…

I didn’t go to weigh-in tonight…I am wanting to slap myself, but I am just TOO swamped with last-minute things to have ready…we are hosting Christmas Eve dinner here tomorrow…It will be us (Clint, me, Abbie, and Megan), my mom and dad and Clint’s dad and step-mom…will be a great day, but I had too much to do today, including finishing up blankets, and ALL of my wrapping, plus get the house cleaned…Oh well…

Clint brought out my presents all wrapped up, and the big one is DEFINITELY scale-size…ROFL…so we’ll see :) :) I know the *little* one HAS to be Tori Amos CD :) :) Santa’s so good to me :) hahahahah…guess we’ll find out for sure in just 1-1/2 more days!!!!!!!

I didn’t do too well with my food today…I am definitely still in my points range (not even at lowest yet) but my choices haven’t been the best…ya know how it is with all the cookies, and chocolate…that’s the ONLY bad thing about this time of year…but I am counting EVERY single thing that hits my mouth, and I’m keeping myself in my range…at lowest mostly…so I’m still safe, but with breastfeeding, I really need to make some healthier choices with my food…for Megan’s sake :)

Well, I still have SO much to finish tonight, and it’s 10:25 p.m. :) :) Gotta get a move-on…just wanted to say hi, and if I don’t make it here tomorrow, or Christmas day, I wish you all the BEST and Merriest of Holidays…Be safe, and please remember the REASON for this wonderful season :) :)

*HI JULIE*!!! :) :)

Till next time, good luck and God bless!!!