~* THINspirations *~

Here are some tips and ideas for staying on track with your diet !!
I found alot of these throughout the internet,
but most of these come from Here

If I Always Do What I've Always Done, I'll Always Be Where I've Always Been.

Try a new recipe - no matter how easy - tonight.

Freeze a small container of yogurt. Then, blend in blender with a cup of milk and a banana.

Use a low fat tortilla. (Spinach flavor is great.) Roll inside it fat free cream cheese and red onion, sprouts, lettuce, tomato. Enjoy.

Eat the same food you are used to eating - but modify the recipe.

A simple quick food hint: cottage cheese & salsa.

Make a dip from sour cream, nonfat cream cheese and a dry soup mix. Keep lots of cut up veggies and fruit handy to munch on.

Have a no points (or low points) Fat Free Burrito for dinner using fat free sour cream, fat free refried beans, salsa, lettuce, tomato, and high fiber, no fat tortilla.

This may be old hat, but dip the fork in the salad dressing then the salad rather than glopping the dressing on the salad.

Keep a journal of food you eat - and measure food portions.

If you are thinking about how to handle a special event that seems to center around food (i.e. Christmas dinner, Thanksgiving, special family dinners), remember that it's not your LAST dinner. There will be another Christmas next year. You can change the way you eat THIS time. There's always another picnic!

When you feel like you need to eat for emotional reasons, choose foods that don't have a big emotional payoff such as veggies, fruit (not carbohydrates). THEN, deal with the emotion.

When in a panic to eat because you're starving, take time to drink a glass of water.

If you're having trouble getting all your water, switch to decaf coffee. Get GOOD water processed French roast beans and grind it yourself. The decaf counts up to 50% of your water per day.

In the morning, put your water in a container for the whole day.

Don't put food on the table. Put food on your plate and then serve the plate. Leave the food off the table.

If you feel like eating for the 'wrong' reasons, drink 2 glasses of water and if you still want to eat, have something small. Odds are if you weren't really hungry, you won't want to eat after 2 glasses of water.

Fill your plate and eat 1/2 of everything. Don't completely deprive yourself of what you like. Just don't 'pig out' on it.

You don't have to eat till you feel miserable to be full.

Don't eat and read or watch TV at the same time. You lose track of the amount of food devoured.

Never skip a meal; it makes you want to eat more the next time.

Go to Safeway and get the Bel Air Bubbly Water; drink it with lemon and lime. For a treat - drink it with a little red wine.

Make sure to eat some of the foods you like. Otherwise, you'll feel deprived.

If you're tired of drinking water, try Fresca.

Drink one glass of water for each 'extra' snack.

If you like sweets at night, be careful all day and save all the points you can for your 'splurge'.

Chew gum when you need to.

Make hot air popcorn when you feel like eating. Spray it with I can't believe it's not butter.

Walk away from temptation. Find some interesting to do - even if it's just for a few minutes.

When 'partying' enjoy a wine spritzer: 4 oz wine with club soda & a slice of lemon.

When dining out, eat only 1/2 of what's served.

Eat food that is filling such as pasta (with little sauce) and legumes.

Drink at least eight 8 ounce glasses of water - THEN add one glass of water for every 25 pounds you need to lose.

Always keep food in the house that's low in points. Make the vegetable soup in the week 1 book; make it often. It's very satisfying.

If you have trouble getting 5 servings of vegetables a day, drink a glass of V8. It's fast, easy, and zero points.

Keep all the food that's low in points in one spot in the refrigerator.

Drink 2 glasses of water at room temperature first thing in the morning. 'Chug a lug' it just like beer. Here, you can 'drink & drive!'

Clean out your refrigerator. Get rid of old temptations. (Do it when your mouth is full of something else - like gum - so you won't eat.)

Take a breath between bites!

Look at food not as 'good' or 'bad' but as a point value and decide if it's worth it.

Look at food as gas in your tank or wood in your stove. The right amount is what you need.

Use a smaller plate when serving dinner; it seems like more.

Think before you chew. If you don't need it, don't eat it.

While my children are eating desserts and sweets, I grab a 'frozen banana' out of my freezer. It is satisfying and take a while to eat it (actually licking it).

Continue to monitor intake with your food diary. This especially applies to lifetime, when one tends to become lax in this area.

While preparing a meal, have carrots, popcorn, jicama all ready to go.

Have veggie soup ready BEFORE lunch time.

Eat your vegetables; not candy!

Learning good eating habits helps me feel great!

A full and productive life does not require daily desserts.

If you have an urge to eat, 'weight' five to ten minutes and remember how it feels when your stomach is empty and how good it feels.

Use smaller plates.

When inclined to eat something 'expensive' remind yourself that the food you like will still be around tomorrow. You don't have to eat it today.

Walk on the beach with your headphones on, listening to your favorite moving music early on a sunny morning. It is great!

Find an exercise that is just right (if you think exercise is boring) and has a purpose other than 'just exercise' (i.e., walking the dog).

Do your exercise first thing in the morning before you have a chance to think about it. By the time you wake up, you're finished.

Exercise with a friend. Any exercise (whether it is 15 minutes or an hour) is better than no exercise.

If you can't get outside or to the gym, use something in your home. Ex: Canned foods, the broom, etc.

Try and have fun.

With two big dogs and a post office box, a walk to check the mail on pretty days is a wonderful way to exercise.

Take a walk at your lunch break for 15 to 20 minutes and think about how much better you feel.

Take frequent walks, especially when you're getting stressed out and want to eat. If you can't take a walk, try doing an easy crossword puzzle. It helps to keep you from eating for the wrong reasons.

Walk in a nice place and get a friend to join you. Walk and talk; it goes quicker.

Park as far away as you can when you are shopping anywhere, except at night or if the area is not familiar.

Listen to books on tape while walking on a treadmill.

'If I blow it and eat something I shouldn't have, or have too many points, I run a little farther that day or the next day - or I run faster.'

When you DON'T feel like exercising, do half. Feel the pride.

Exercise after 8 PM when you used to watch TV with a low metabolism.

Exercise early in the day because not only does it increase your metabolism all day but then you don't have to think about exercising all day.

Work out to your favorite CD. It will help you go longer.

Focus on being fit, rather than being thin, e.g., being able to jump over a short fence or do a hand stand on the wall.

The question I ask myself is: 'What kind of exercise do I want to do today? Ride a bike? Walk with tape?' Instead of 'Do I want to exercise today?'

When I am exercising and I feel like I can't do anymore, I close my eyes and picture myself thin and I can go on for a quite a while longer.

Whenever you're feeling frustrated or angry, try to exercise as soon as you can. It helps to relieve tension and stress.

Take one hour a day for yourself to exercise and only YOU count during this hour. Don't depend on someone else to exercise with you; do it for yourself.

Find time to be alone and enjoy it. Try a hot bath. Relax.

My best friend is the one that brings out the best in me... my best friend is me!

It ain't what you know, it's what you know ain't so... Satchel Paige

Remember that when fat metabolizes and gets ready to be eliminated by the body, it converts to an equal volume of water and weighs more than that amount of fat so it temporary shows as a weight gain. Once the water leaves your body, it shows as a weight loss.

Look at what you need or want to lose in 'small amounts.' By using five pounds as a goal, reaching it and taking another five as a goal until you're there!

When you lose sight of motivation to hang in there, hang in there. Think about any and all the positive changes you have made so far and think about how good those changes make you feel about yourself.

If you feel down, make a list of positive things that have happened to you since you started losing weight. They don't need to be just the amount of weight you've lost.

A series of things to remember:
1) Like yourself first
2) Remember to give yourself credit for trying
3) Make a list of (non foods) rewards for every 5 pounds lost
4) Take one day at a time
5) Do not give up. Keep trying

'He who stuffeth, puffeth.' (It's OK NOT to eat the whole thing, not to clean your plate.)

Keep moving forward. Do 51% of the program today. 51.5% tomorrow. 52% the day after. You'll get there.

Whether the scale says I gain or I lose, I am a winner because I'm here - confronting that old scale.

It's not only nice to feel good about oneself but it's nice to feel good about feeling good.

You are never alone. If you feel you need to eat, call a friend who will help you through it. Exercise with a friend who wants to exercise. You can and will lose weight!

Remember how you felt BEFORE you started losing weight. Don't give up; it only gets better.

Think about how much better you feel since you started losing weight and having lost those XX pounds. It will motivate you to keep going.

Take time for yourself today. Work will still be there tomorrow.

Weight loss helps to improve self image; mental and physical.

Don't beat yourself up if you have a rough week; we are not perfect. (Thank heaven!)

Think about how far you're come - not how far you have to go.

Call a friend; get out of the house instead of eating.

Take a close look at yourself. Realize how important it is to you to get to goal. Keep that in your mind.

Focus on the positive. Attend weekly meetings no matter how you feel.

Call a friend long distance and enjoy a visit as a reward for a habit change you're working on.

Take time to enjoy a quiet moment.

Don't stress about the scales.

Realize that a craving will go away. And quicker than you expect.

Remember that rewarding yourself is an important aspect of changing a behavior. Reward yourself often.

Take it one day at a time. Have faith.

Yesterday is gone. The future will take care of itself. Today is a present.

What's motivating me to lose weight is how out of shape I am physically. I'm breathless climbing stairs. I want the weight off so I will feel better.

It's OK to say 'no' when people are shoving food at you.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

I will be able to wear my shorts this summer - and look good.

Keep something in mind to smile about.

Each moment does count.

Keep your goal in the front of you mind.

If you've had a good weight loss but you are 'stalled' - staying the same for a few weeks - take time for yourself. Go shopping. It's a real inspiration to see how well clothes fit and how much better they look with 30 fewer pounds!

It's good to be compassionate with yourself.

Keep your journal up to date. I got off track. Once I got back on track, I lose.

It's not going to taste as good as I'm going to look!

Be patient with losses; it took a long time to put it on. It won't come off in a few weeks.

Be happy with each loss, no matter how big or small.

I like myself enough to take good care of myself.

Remember how it feels to tuck in your blouse/shirt.

I want to be healthy in my old age for the grandkids.

It's nice to see those 'second glances' of admiration when you feel like you look good.

'It is not what happens but how I respond to it that determines the quality of my life.'

Take a trip down 'memory lane' by putting on your old clothes. THEN go shopping.

I do better knowing there are others 'struggling' with me.

Never accept being 'less motivated' even due to age.

Realize no one does anything 'hard' entirely by themselves. Go to the meetings!

It's what's inside that counts. Count on that. The rest will fall into place.

Its great to tie my shoes without passing out.

If you want to eat for emotional reasons, admit it to yourself and try to find a different outlet for your feelings, such as a bubble bath or a nice present for yourself.

There is no such thing as a 'failure' who keeps on trying.

This is a golden opportunity disguised as a challenge.

Being 'forced', if that's what it takes, to buy 'large' clothes to feel good in while you work off the pounds is not a waste. Feeling good about yourself is an incentive, not a deterrent to weight loss.

Accept compliments. Be proud of what you're doing and don't be afraid to show it off.

Tell people what you are doing! Let your friends know that you're doing the weight loss thing. Talk about your weight loss. If your support group knows your goal - they'll help!

Look at old picture albums to see 'before' pictures as you go to remember what you don't want to go back to and how far you've come.

Brush your teeth as early and often as possible. It helps deter the need to eat.

Success is getting up more times than you fall down.

Success with lots of activity makes you feel so good; it breeds more success.

'No praise, no blame.' Move it and let the extra go.

Picture yourself at goal as completely and often as possible.

Think of how much more you'll look like a model and not so 'bulgy' in the wrong places.

Think of how important YOU are; not only to many many people but also to yourself! Isn't it important to take care of YOU?

It's not how you feel; it's how you're going to feel.

Show up and be accountable for your own good health each week.

I can now drink nonfat milk.

How great the extra energy feels! What a big bonus!

Going to weekly meetings really helped me reach goal. I also learned how to enjoy planning and eating more healthy meals.

YOU are in control. No one else.

Treat yourself the way you would treat a friend. Be kind to yourself.

Your attitude is your life! Play more, eat right. Be good, good, good to yourself!

If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.

What you eat in private shows in public.

Remember how great it felt when THOSE jeans fit again!

I like having control over my life. Weight loss helped me do that.

Visualize where you want to be a month from now - how you want to look, feel, etc. Don't worry about a year from now. If you can't imagine a month, imagine a week - or a day.

I'm here to feel in control and when I'm in control, I have a good attitude.

I'm healthy when I'm losing weight with others and blessed with the support of my group partners.

Contrasting eating from past habits to the energy derived from healthy eating motivates me to change future habits.

If I COULD follow this program 100%, I would lose faster. But that's unrealistic and I know me. Striving for 100% would frustrate me so much I wouldn't be here right now.

Think of yourself at your goal weight, then picture how a person of that size eats.

Take one meal at a time. Take one day at a time. Take one pound at a time. It all adds up to success.

As long as the overall trend is in the desired direction, I am on track.

Don't buy 'red light' foods, even if they're on sale. You'll eat them despite all your great intentions.

Eat a variety of fruits and veggies - try something different like jicama. Very good.

Take your points finder with you when you go shopping. If there are no calories, fat or fiber listed on the ingredients list, don't buy it!

Purchase food in the 'goodie' department for family members; but make sure they're snacks you don't care about.

Don't shop when hungry - especially at a bakery!

Shop with a buddy who is also weight watching.

Never take your skinny husband with you when you go grocery shopping.

Read the labels before deciding to buy anything.

If it's not in the house, you can't eat it. Shop wisely!

Have a plan and a list when shopping.

Eat before your grocery shop.

Don't buy anything you don't really want to eat.