Other people succeeding on thier own journeys!!

Here are some great weight loss sites that I visit often....If you wish to have your page listed here,
and I will add it to my page as soon as I can!!

Good luck to all of you on your journey!!

*~ All links were last checked on 07.16.03 ~*

                                                   Lissa's Weight Loss Odyssey
                                                   Stacy's Journey And Success
                                                   Weight Watchers
                                                   Don't Weight Around
                                                   Courtney's Fitness Zone
                                                   Stefani's Success Story
                                                   Jen's Health Goal
                                                   A Mouse in the House
                                                   No More Chunky Spice
                                                   Skinny Sarah
                                                   Peridot Diva
                                                   MermaidJan's Weight Loss Journey
                                                   Trials and Tribulations of a Goddess
                                                   HealthyGurl's Weight Loss Journey

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