(These have been re-figured since the re-start of WW on 08.14.03)

10 Lb. Loss -
Achieved on 09.09.03

25 Lb. Loss (First 10%) -
Achieved on

30 Lb. Loss -
Achieved on

40 Lb. Loss -
Achieved on

50 Lb. Loss -
Achieved on
Reward will be:
A Tattoo!! (Click here to see it!!)

60 Lb. Loss -
Achieved on

70 Lb. Loss -
Achieved on

75 Lb. Loss -
Achieved on
Reward will be:
New pair of running shoes!!

77.4 Lb. Loss
(Weight = 177)
Reached on
Reward will be:
Something sexy from
Victoria's Secret!!!

94.4 Lb. Loss
Reached on
Reward will be:
'ME' day: New haircut and highlight and nails done!!

Reasons To Lose 100 Pounds
*** Still Working On These ***
Goals that have been achieved will be marked in

#1 ~ I want to be able to wrap a normal size towel ALL THE WAY AROUND me after a shower!!!
#3 ~ I want to SHOP in a normal sized clothing store
#4 ~ Have FUN while clothes shopping...not get depressed!
#5 ~ I am tiblue of wondering if people wonder why my husband is with a woman 'like me'.
#6 ~ Zip my pants without lying down or 'sucking it in'.
#7 ~ To cure my blood sugar and PCOS problems.
#8 ~ To not have to try on 5 outfits to find the one that makes me look 'less fat'.
#9 ~ I want to think, "Now THAT'S what I want to look like', and be looking at my OWN reflection.
#10 ~ I want to wear a bathing suit
#11 ~ I want to wear a bathing suit without the dreaded t-shirt over it.
#12 ~ I want people that I haven't seen for a long time, to not even recognize me.
#13 ~ I want to sit in a chair, bend my knees up to my chin, and get my arms around them.
#14 ~ I want people to ask 'Why are YOU going to Weight Watchers?!?!?!"
#15 ~ I want to wear belts
#16 ~ I want to have some self-esteem
#17 ~ I want to feel some self-worth
#18 ~ I want to run and play with Abbie, and only have to stop because SHE wants to, not because I HAVE to.
#19 ~ I want to have no fear of the doctor's office because I can
jump on the scale with no worries.
#20 ~ To not get anymore 'looks' from those people who don't realize how RUDE they are.
#21 ~ To get positive attention from people
#22 ~ I want to be able to accept compliments without feeling they are just 'sparing my feelings'
#23 ~ I want to wear sleevless shirts and tank tops
#24 ~ I want to wear 'Hip Hugger' jeans
#25 ~ I want to be able to pierce my belly button if I wanted to
#26 ~ I want to have sex with the lights ON
#27 ~ I want my husband to look at me like he did when we were dating
#28 ~ I want to shop at Victoria's Secret!!!
#29 ~ I want to have people describe me as 'tall' not 'heavy'
#30 ~ I want to comfortably cross my legs without my foot falling asleep
#31 ~ I want to be able to throw all my clothes in the dryer without fearing they will shrink and they'll never fit again
#32 ~ I want to ride a roller coaster again
#33 ~ I want to fit into a booth at a restaurant and not have everyone ask, 'You Ok??' as I squeeze myself in
#34 ~ I want to lose so that someone can see my page that has been struggling and realize that it IS possible
#35 ~ I want to inspire people to achieve their goals
#36 ~ I want people to envy me for my 'skinniness' and not me envying them
#37 ~ I don't want to be the 'fat mom' when Abbie starts school
#38 ~ I want people to talk 'to' me, not 'about' me
#39 ~ Life's too short, I want to be happy all the time and not worry what 'others' think
#40 ~ I WANT TO SEE VIKI!!! (I have kinda put a hold on us seeing each other till I lose alot more weight. I haven't seen her since just after high school, although we are only 20 minutes from each other)
#41 ~ I only want one size of clothing in my closet...not 10 sizes 'just in case'
#42 ~ When I get pregnant again, I don't want to have to have insulin shots again -Unfortunately I did have to...
#43 ~ I don't want any of my clothes to have an 'X' in the size
#44 ~ I will not have swollen ankles unless I'm pregnant!
#45 ~ I want to be able to wear my hair however I want to and it
will look cute.
#46 ~ I want to tuck in my shirt
#47 ~ I don't EVER want to 'diet' again!!!
#48 ~ I don't want dieting or weight loss to have to be a part of my life anymore.
#49 ~ I want more of what I'm feeling already. The confidence I have is amazing, and it's only a small amount of what is yet to come!!
#50 ~ No more medications!