Diet Tips

This page was created by me to give you some great and easy ideas and tips on how to keep on your program. I am on Weight Watcher Points Program, so the tips might be geared toward that program, but it will still help anyone wanting to find a healthier way of eating! So I hope you enjoy, and I will be adding more very soon...

Here are some links to pages of mine with great info,
or links to other pages I have found around the 'net!

Wanting to get or stay healthy? Start with water!!
Hydration Calculator - Check this out to see if you
are getting enough water each day!

 Click Here  - for some facts on why you need to be drinking
MORE water, how much water your body actually needs, and tips on
how to get more water in each day.

Here are a few great links from Dotti's Weight Loss Zone
Her page is wonderful, and FULL of great information to help keep you on track and give you the motivation and encouragement you need when you are struggling a bit!! Please check out her entire site when you have the time.

     Restaurants- Here she has an amazing list of just about every single
          restaurant you can think of, with many items (if not all items) on their menus and
     the points values for each.

      Healthy Lifestyle- This page is full of great articles on weight loss,
          tips on eating out and eating healthy, nutrition and excercise information.

Serving Sizes - Click here to see how to estimate a serving size without
scales, measuring cups, or measuring spoons.