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05/14/2005 Entry: "Pen...Paper...and...."


You would think after 3 years of doing WW, I would stick to the journaling. Weigh-in this morning, up 0.5 lbs. Not a huge deal, but any loss would have been nicer.

So, I'm not really in a chatty kinda mood to be here for the past few days, as you have noticed. No particular reason, just staying active/busy. So it's a good thing. But I wanted to add a little info on the stability/exercise Balls in case any of you are thinking of picking one up.

Here are general guidelines for buying the right size stability ball:

If you are -

Under 4’6” (137 cm): 30 cm ball (12 inches)

4’6”–5’0” (137-152 cm): 45 cm ball (18 inches)

5’1”--5’7” (155-170 cm): 55 cm ball (22 inches)

5’8”--6’2” (173-188 cm): 65 cm ball (26 inches)

Over 6’2”(188 cm): 75 cm ball (30 inches)

I had never seen any measurements before I got my ball and I didn't know what size was proper for me, and as luck would have it, I did get the right size. Mine is a 65 cm ball, as I'm 6'0" tall

I have recently been invited to travel to New Jersey in mid-August for the bridal shower for my soon to be SIL. I need some weight gone NOW.

Here's the plan:


On Oprah's show yesterday, one of her rules for weight loss having 8 work-out sessions per week. I forget how long each is to be, but I'm assuming 30-60 minutes per session. I just tried to find that answer on her boot camp pages, but no luck. Anyhow, I seriously need to get myself motivated again. Asking for a little @$$ kicking here really wouldn't work, it is, afterall, up to ME, right??? I wish I had a buddy here. Right here. That I could depend on to be here daily and do this with me. Wonder if that would help. It's still about ME though, right? So poop on my invisible-non-existant buddy...I'm doing this for ME!!!!

Also on her show, Bob Greene was on and said not to weigh in for the first 2 months because of water weight fluctuation. Oprah said she can't do that. She has to see the loss of the first week to keep her motivated to keep moving, then she can go without. Even to weigh-in every other week. So I'm mulling over avoiding the scale, but I'm afraid that will spiral out of control. Who knows, I'll think about it.

I just need to get my head outta my patootie.

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Hi Lisa

Just wanted to say I love your site, I really do. Until recently I'd never thought of using the internet to gain inspiration to stay on the WW plan - yours was one of the first sites I found when I finally looked.

Happy dieting
Lisa, Isle of Wight, England

Posted by Lisa Burt @ 05/18/2005 01:25 PM eST

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